Survivor Insights 100: Redemption Island – “Tricky, Tricky” (Episode 12)

1) Andrea Got Tricked: Voting out Andrea was only a proof in which Boston Rob does not want to be outlasted by a female twice. He clearly learned his mistakes back in season eight. He knew Andrea is his biggest competition in terms of jury votes and blindsiding her is his only option to make things right.

Trust is a complicated issue in SURVIVOR and you certainly can’t win this game if you put your 100% trust on somebody. This is the biggest problem with Andrea. It’s either she’s too clueless about the game or she’s just convincing herself to still trust Boston Rob and co. I am aware Andrea sealed her bond with her group the moment Matt was blindsided for the second time. However, to continue the bond wherein there were only six of them left at the camp was a lame strategy. Doors were opened for Andrea to create brave moves on her own but she did not take it. Somehow, it’s still a mystery why she didn’t pull Natalie and Ashley on her side and take out Phillip or Grant.

2) Endless Duels: This was Mike’s second time finishing first before Matt and if only it was the last duel, Mike would have return to the game and earns a deserving spot in the finals. It didn’t happen though. This duel in redemption island will continue until the next episode and probably, I’ll still watch a four-way duel during the finale. Just to be fair and square, a four-way duel and only one person will be a part of the jury is not fun at all. I keep on asking myself why the show’s creative minds are coming up with this new concept in which it completely overkills the original run of the game. I rather watch a four-way duel and only one or two persons survive.

3) Mike’s Brilliant Decision: This week’s duel became more interesting due to Mike’s decision. His decision not to be with his mother in exchange of giving the love-from-home reward to the Ometepe 6 was a proof Mike was swallowed by his good emotions. This was the decision that could either help him win the game or make him a double threat. He’s giving Matt and Ralph the reason to beat him because both of them knew Mike will win.

4) The “Extremely” Exhausted Boston Rob: The Step-On-Up Challenge is the ideal workout to lose weight and for those who want to improve the ability to recall a pattern while climbing down and up the stairs.  This was the toughest immunity challenge yet. The challenge in which Andrea won probably came second to this one. There’s a three-way race to get to the top. All of them were tired, thirsty and sweating so hard. Still, it was Boston Rob who showed consistency and push himself beyond his limits just to survive the extreme physical exhaustion and emerged victorious. I have no idea how long it took for Boston Rob to finish the challenge and I wonder how he exactly ace the challenge without eating nutritious food in thirty-one days.

5) One Episode to Go Before the Finale: By winning the immunity necklace for the third time, Boston Rob has proven himself more than what I expected. He’s a veteran and he’s up for no competition as he returned in the show for the fourth time. Right now, the empire of Boston Rob is unbreakable. No one knew he still have the hidden idol and even if someone initiates an action of blindsiding him, he’s still safe. His only problem is to choose who he’ll bring. To me, even persuading the jury to vote for him is not a big problem anymore, right?

Episode Rating: 7 of 10 stars

Photos courtesy of: CBS

2 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 100: Redemption Island – “Tricky, Tricky” (Episode 12)

  1. Andrea like others doesn’t know the pecking order, Rob is choosing. They have each put their faith in that Rob is taking them to the finals. Whoever doesn’t make it should only look at their own gameplay.

    I’m guessing the duel will last up until the last episode where the winner will get placed into the game with the final 3 to make it a final 4. I thought Mike made the smartest decision too.

    I liked this challenge. It was tough, but it wasn’t really made for anyone. Rob is showing up in challenges after I was saying he wasn’t nearly as good as he use to be.

    I can’t see Rob going anywhere. He has everyone around his finger and an idol nobody knows about. I’m still a skeptic on whether Rob will win over the jury. I believe Grant has to go to give him the best opportunity to win, but maybe keeping Grant could be the right decision. After watching Andrea leave the way she did I think Rob’s chances have improved. I just think there will be a hurdle when and if he gets rid of Ashley, Grant, Natalie, and Phillip. But then again thats only two votes, so it looks more and more like Rob has this in the bag.


  2. Boston Rob will win but if Mike will seat beside him, he’ll just be a runner-up. However, if Matt sits beside him, even the jury finds Matt so deserving to win, Boston Rob deserves the title even more.


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