Survivor Insights 98: Redemption Island: Black & White (Episode 10)

Julie is down, whos next?

1) Phillip vs Steve: When an episode of SURVIVOR goes predictable, there’s always a chaos to be expected around the camp. It’s a type of chaos that’s hard to put down and kept buzzing in your head until you don’t have any clue why it happened. This occurred to me. It’s hard to find a rational explanation why Phillip had a “rice war” with Steve and out of the blue, the argument got personal and the “black-and-white-race-card” was put in line. It looked like Phillip was no longer in control of his emotions and start to say things that were not related in the issue.

I am not sure if either Phillip made all that up to get more airtime or he just felt so hungry. It seems hard to stage that scene and the truth is; I saw raw emotions. Those were real. Phillip got hurt. Steve got confuse with the accusations Phillip was throwing at him. To me, Phillip’s accusations were not true and I felt bad for him for saying the words he could regret after.

2) David, First Jury Member: At last, someone was already sitting in the jury box and David was that person. David’s strategy to stay calm during the three-person-duel did not work for him. Although David’s tower showed no signs of falling, Mike and Matt were way faster than him. Mike took his chances and continued to stack wooden tiles although his tower went shaky. As a result, Mike finished the tower first followed by Matt. Both of these men would stay and will face Julie in the next duel.

***I seem to know what will happen and I want Julie to pull an upset***

To be honest, I don’t dislike Redemption Island but now that it’s merge and finale is coming in three weeks, this new concept overkills the show. I want it end.

3) The Immunity Challenge: The episode’s immunity challenge was ideally made for Boston Rob. Puzzles were his expertise and as expected, he aced it. With a hidden idol inside his pocket, an unbreakable alliance behind him and a big chance to dominate back-to-back-to-back immunity challenges, Boston Rob is only a thread away for a spot in the finals.

Episode Rating: 6 of 10 stars

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5 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 98: Redemption Island: Black & White (Episode 10)

  1. I think Phillip is just starting to go crazy. I would also like for redemption island to end. From the looks of things who ever wins the last duel will be so close to the final 3. My guess now is that who ever re-enters the game will come in when their 3 or 4 people left and that’s just to close to the end. David was a huge disappointment to me this season. He claimed to be the puzzle master, but failed each time and strategically he pretty much failed and didn’t even try much. I thought he was going to have a lot more control. I was hoping Matt would lose because I’m just getting tired of the whole God talk.


  2. Before this season started, I expected the Redemption Island would end after the sixth duel. I also thought the three-person-duel would be the last and I am kinda disappointed the show’s producers decided to continue this new concept even it’s very clear that the person who’ll lose in the duel will not go home but will only be a member of the jury. Bottom line here is, what’s the point of playing a duel when you’ll know you still be a part of the game and will decide the sole survivor?

    I rather see Matt and Mike returned in the camp and play a vicious game with others than stay at the island while waiting for somebody. As for David, it’s perhaps he played a wrong game at the wrong time. You can’t blame him for playing a not-so-impressive game when he’s outnumbered coming into the merge. In terms of puzzle challenges, David was probably overthinking and ended up losing.


  3. I don’t really have a problem with putting the loser of RI on the jury, but yea I thought it would end at the same time you did. I think what your saying is how can some at RI make a good vote and your probably right. I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing David for a second time. I kind of doubt the ability to even do anything on the Zapatera tribe in a strategic sense. I guess I would have just liked to see him try harder even if he failed.

    I think this season is over. Steve and Ralph will be next to go unless one of them can win immunity. Then, down to the Ometepe six and Rob will get to pick his people. Although maybe if Matt or Mike come back maybe they get on an immunity run.


  4. Yea I have, I lot of people are saying its a double elimination, but idk. I would think they would tell them before they were actually at tribal, right?


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