Jeson Patrombon: A Filipino in Pro Tennis?

”Looking at Jeson’s performances the last three weeks, I say it’s a good indicator that he is ready for the pros”

These are the words from his coach. Manny Tecson believes Jeson Patrombon can already make it in the tennis pro world after reaching the quarterfinals in 2011 Australian Open (Junior Singles), being a finalist in 22nd Mitsubishi Lancer International Juniors Championships and by ranking eighth in the world in ITF Juniors. Patrombon is expected his professional debut either in Thailand or in India next month (April 2011).

All the best for Jeson! Playing good tennis is all in the mind and if he believes he can play well in hardcourt, it is still possible he and his coach can fine-tune his game for grass and clay. I am waiting all these years in the pro world and as I see it, this is just the right time to excel in the sport many people think it’s only for the rich.

I did a little research online and this is what I found about Patrombo’s style as recalled by his coach. Thanks to this forum!

“Since Jeson did not benefit from formal coaching when he was younger, the first year was dedicated to developing his technique to be competitive in the international level, because a lot of his basics proved wrong. His forehand did not have racket head speed to generate power; he was just stroking the ball, typical of club players, and not hitting it. Also, he was not using his upper body by turning the shoulders and coiling his body to generate pace on his shots; he was just guiding the ball over the net. His backhand was weak because he was not stepping in on the shots, as he was just waiting for the ball and hitting it on his back foot, which puts your weight backwards and not forward into the shot. His serve was also very weak because he was just arming the serve and not getting his entire body involved into the serve by using his legs like a spring and exploding to the ball. He did not know how to volley and did not have an idea where to place the volley once he got there. His footwork was weak and he was so thin so we had to develop his upper and lower body strength.”

Let me know what you think

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