Survivor Insights 93: Redemption Island – Consistency (Episode 5)

1) Three in a Row for Matt: Playing SURVIVOR is about consistency. Although you are forced to stay in a place far away from your home and with strangers you just met, you consistently need to stay calm and play at your best. Although you dislike and despise your tribemate, you consistently must remind yourself that you still need them to go farther. Matt Elrod was just one of the unlucky contestants who got blindsided after sealing a solid alliance but a stay in an island, not the exile but the redemption saved him. He still got another chance to prove himself.

While in Redemption Island with no enough food and no comfortable shelter, Matt showed us what consistency truly means by winning three back-to-back-to-back duels (Who would forget the duel in the photo on the right?). He’s unstoppable and he’s the beast no matter what type of challenge is thrown at him. Either it’s physical, mental or physical-mental challenge, he could still win.

Hands down, Matt has redeemed himself but for how long? Consistency is about fitness and good fitness means consistency.

  • Is Matt still fit enough to keep winning?
  • Should he return in the game, how will he play against everyone in the camp now that he used to live all by himself and just competing with only one person?

2) Stephanie & her “fuzzy” strategy: By becoming Russel’s sidekick, Stephanie already put herself in an alliance of three versus six. Now that Russel’s gone, she’s putting herself in a more vulnerable position by making a zigzag-alliance with Boston Rob even when the two tribes are not yet merged. Even if Krista lose to Matt in Redemption Island, this strategy could benefit Stephanie a lot, if and only if it will happen the next day. However, that’s not the case at all.

#1 Problem: What if Zapatera lose the next challenge?

#2 Problem: Why seal a deal with somebody who’s not in your tribe when when it’s still a game of Tribe vs Tribe?

3) Phillip, A Star?: It’s clear that Phillip is a star of this season (according to Jeff Probst).  From episode one up until now, the editing never gets tired of his fuchsia underwear, his Coach-like insights during confessionals and his crab-hunting routines. Although he already pissed a number of his tribemates (Francesca, Boston Rob, Natalie and Ashley in particular), he’s still not voted out. He’s still at the camp, playing the game while making some grounds with Andrea.

4) One Wrong Decision, Everything Falls: Sarita failed to recognize David’s strengths before the challenge, therefore, the entire tribe fell short. Zapatera lose and not on a purpose! If only Sarita chose David to be the tribe’s caller and puzzle-solver, it could be a tense showdown between him and Boston Rob, right? I have not seen David bring his game into the next level and this was supposed to be the right time.

5) An Update with Boston Rob: What’s new with him? During the challenge, he lead the Ometepe in a convincing victory and at camp, there were no traces of exhaustion in his face playing SURVIVOR. In Jeff Probst’s own words, “…Rob is double-crossing Grant.”

Episode Rating: 7 of 10 stars

Photos courtesy of: CBS

9 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 93: Redemption Island – Consistency (Episode 5)

  1. Rob keeps getting himself in better position. At this point he won’t need the idol for anything. I thought he was going to share the idol with grant and he probably should have. Great move switching the idol clue.

    I can’t believe whats going on with the Zapatera tribe. Its the tribes fault they lost the challenge, David and others should of had a voice and said no to Stephanie. Shades of Brenda last season, why scramble? I can’t believe Krista and Stephanie sat there said there was nothing they can do, then at tribal Krista goes off exposing the alliance of six and telling David hes on the outs. Ummm that was useful info that could have allowed them to change their chances in the game.

    I keep waiting for David to shine and I think he will now, his targets Mike and Steve.


  2. Krista appears to be wrong. She knew her time is up and there’s nothing she could do better than just putting some cracks in the situation. It’s still clear to me back in pilot episode, David and Mike made an alliance and as I see it, Steve just came along as the third.

    Let’s say Krista’s statement was purely correct then, it remains a mystery why she did not use it to last longer? The strategy of approaching David and asking him for help could have worked. David could have protected her and helped her made it on the merge without facing Matt in Redemption Island.


  3. I don’t agree with people who won’t scramble. What do you have to lose and who knows maybe you change the minds of someone. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to get rid of Stephanie before krista? Stephanie seemed much more vocal.


  4. Dean, I agree there. I think Krista is far more dangerous because she rarely speaks and you don’t know how her mind is working. While Stephanie is much easier to control because she can’t keep her mouth shut and always say what she thinks. I think their attempt to signal to Rob about the possibility of switching was a little too ambitious and it would have been a good strategy had it been executed well enough. But as you say, it is dumb move because it is still tribe vs tribe at this point. They should have done something within their alliance because it is still a few more days to go before a merge even arrives. So, they are thinking way ahead of the game. Also, I think they’d have a hard time convincing that alliance since it consists of strong-headed individuals who has their mind set on the plan. But who knows what could happen?

    As for Matt, I think he has to keep the same level of focus and avoid being overly confident with himself for the 3 wins he had so far. I read transcripts of him being on redemption island saying that he cannot be content with what his position in this game is now, because he might have to go through 7 challenges more before he can return to the game, so the moment he loses focus is also the moment he might be sent home for good. But I keep my faith in him and hopes he survives through it, like he had done already.


  5. @Abby Thanks for commenting. When you’re playing SURVIVOR, do not think about tomorrow. Play today, do your thing today and make alliance today. Tomorrow is just too late.

    Where have you read the transcripts of Matt in RI?


  6. Silent water runs deep may be true, but in survivor isn’t it usually the ones who are out spoken that cause more trouble


  7. That’s right @MikeCif

    It’s already proven in the past that the outspoken ones cause more trouble but this is not the case all the time. Back in Tocantins, Coach talked a lot, annoyed his tribemates but he still made it in the final five.


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