Survivor Insights 90: Redemption Island – The Vicious Blindside (Episode 2)

1) Ralph vs Russel: Ralph is an interesting person. If he lasts longer, making use of the hidden idol for his good, there seem to be a lot of intriguing stuffs he can offer to the viewers. Just for the record, he is the very first survivor contestant to find the hidden idol without actually looking for it. Russel Hantz did not do the same feat in Samoa or in Heroes vs Villains. Whatever angle to look at, Ralph can probably make Russel suffer. Do you want to see that happen? I want to. It’s pretty impossible but it would be great to see Ralph take baby steps before hitting at the back when the time is just right.

2) The “New” Boston Rob: Just less than ten days at the camp, a vicious blindside occurred. Shocked and completely puzzled, Matt (the Fabio look-alike) was sent to Redemption Island and that’s all because of…. Boston Rob. This was an evil, devious, crafty, vicious -call it any way you like but to me, it’s a masterful plan. I never expected things would go this way. Everything just went crazy on the dot. And folks, I am digging it, this is how a veteran should play.

It might be too early to say if Boston Rob would continue to dominate. Maybe Andrea will seek for a revenge or maybe, this is not happening at all.

I do not care how many “MaybeS” I can have here as long as Boston Rob is making bold actions while keeping his alliance solid. Like him or not, this was the new Boston Rob we’re all watching right now!

But for how long? That’s a nice question.

3) Matt vs Francesca: The moment we’re waiting for is here! There’s no Boston Rob vs Evil Russel, things have to wait for the meantime. Instead, we’ll have an Ometepe vs Ometepe.

Episode Rating: Ometepe is in a losing steak but the series of events after the challenge continues to surprise me. I’ll give this episode 8 of 10 stars!

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9 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 90: Redemption Island – The Vicious Blindside (Episode 2)

  1. I can’t wait til the next episode. From the way it looks zapatera will be losing the challenge ( I could be wrong ) so it’s pretty interesting what will Russel do. I think he will have a hard time making any moves with his tribemates just because most of them are smart, matured people. At this point I can’t pick yet who I am rooting for but for some reason I like Mike Chiesl because He reminded me of Colby.


  2. Another good episode. I couldn’t believe Ralph found the idol without even attempting to. The funnier thing was Russel with the clue. I felt since Ralph and Mike new Russel had the clue and even followed Russel to confront him, Russel should have told the truth. I could understand not telling Ralph because of the way he went at him, but Mike is someone who could have a big influence on the people in his tribe. I don’t want Russel to go anywhere, he’s pure entertainment for me.

    For Boston Rob I was surprised he got rid of Matt, well until Phillip gave Rob his vote. And though Phillip is crazy I think he’s someone like Matt on Amazon if you tell him whats going on and keep him as your right hand man, secretly he can be a great asset.

    I’m already not liking redemption island. Matt got blindsided, and it was a great moment, but now it may not matter cause he could end up in the game again.


  3. @Mervin Yeah, I want Zapatera lose and vote-out Mr. Hantz. I want the three contestants (Mike, David, Ralph) move forward and become a stronger alliance ’till the merge. Just wishing the editing will not fool us again.

    @Mike Cif I agree. I do not want this Redemption Island to last. I only want it for this season. Blindsides are fun to watch and just by sending the ousted contestant in another island, the effort done by the other castaways become futile. In any case, Matt survives a series of duels, he may have a guaranteed spot in the jury and could get revenge against Boston Rob.

    On Russel Hantz, I dislike him this season. He was no longer the Evil Russel I saw in Heroes vs Villains. He became “more delusional” and his strategic approach to the game remains the same. It’s old and non-memorable. The strategy of having a girl sidekick and the “either-you’re-with-me-or-against-me” approach does not satisfy my expectations of him anymore. Boston Rob already took a big leap from his yesterdays and played a more cut-throat game. We saw that in Episode 1 and Episode 2. Rob might not have enough brawn to win challenges but he is clearly hungrier this time. He’s confident without sounding delusional. I want to see that in Russel. I want to see some “changes” in Russel Hantz.

    For two episodes in a row, he’s becoming too predictable. Should his alliance with Stephenie and Krista becomes successful, I know he will get rid of David, Ralph and Mike – and I don’t want that to happen. That would be suck. Instead, I want to see Mr. Hantz in Redemption Island. He needs that. He needs some time away from the camp. Maybe, his stay in the island will help him discover the tougher, rougher, smarter side of him.


  4. Yea , I see what your saying with Russel and I agree. I would like him to make a different type of alliance and bring in Mike and Dave. I can’t see just the girl sidekicks getting him to the end.


  5. True. Do not be deceived by that “Next time on Survivor” clip, the producers never had it right. LOL

    As for Russell, I think he has finally seen his match. The only reason he was very confident during Heroes vs Villains was because his cast mates did not have the opportunity to watch how he operates. But this time around, the castaways knows the strengths and weaknesses of his game, so he’s kind of tiptoeing around in this tribe to get his feel. But with guys like Mike or David who already has their eyes on him, he knows that one wrong move could send him to Redemption Island.

    @Mike – I actually like the idea that there is Redemption Island. It means that any blindside or betrayal from here on out could possibly come back to bite you in the ass. We have yet to see if there is an opportunity for Matt to do that, but Rob had a hand on voting out Francesca and matt. Those are points against him already. it would be interesting to see how it will affect him later on.


  6. @Abby & @Mike If only Mike and David stay loyal with each other and join forces with Ralph, Sarita, and the other other two who I forget their names just like in the photo in CBS, there is a 70% of getting rid with Mr. Russel Hantz. But we still don’t know yet. He has still Stephanie and Krista and these girls can make use of their physical assets to pull some men at their side. If this happens, I would be disappointed if either Mike or David switch sides. You know and we all know it that doing the impossible is what Russel is up to. He has also a ego that is taller and bigger than him and no one really knows what type of black spell he still has inside his pocket. I want him out but getting rid of him is as difficult as winning this game.


  7. @ Abby I see both sides of the argument on Redemption Island… it may be to early to make a decision on whether I like it or not.

    @everyone I wonder if Ralph may have screwed himself over by confronting Russel about the idol clue. He confronted Russel calling him out on his lie, but Ralph has the idol and hasn’t told anyone, doesn’t that show that he may not be trustworthy. Russel seems to be more open to who is actually in his alliance. He doesn’t seem to be trying to be sneaky at all. Looks like he is becoming more delusional.

    Just throwing it out there what if Russel and Ralph join sides?


  8. @Dean – I don’t think that Krista or Stephanie is going to sway over votes to thier side for their so-called “physical assets”. The men on Zapatera are strong and resilient, not some young adults who are likely to fall for that crap. Mike and David, in particular, seem to be really strong players who are physically competitive and smart enough to know how this game is played. With Russell now gone, the next best thing that could happen is for Stephanie to be out so that David and Mike will remain in the majority. Let’s just hope that their decision to throw the challenge won’t backfire on them, and that Matt beats Russell so he’d be gone for good.


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