Survivor Insights 86: Survivor Nicaragua – The Underdog Wins (Season Finale)

1) The Sole Survivor: He was labeled as the dumb blonde and was clearly the season’s underdog. He was not perceived as a threat until he made the Final Seven (When Benry was voted out). He also has no alliance to turn to but he saved his own skin by winning immunity three in a row. Man, is there anything I miss? Oh yeah! I have forgotten to tell you his name. He is Juddson Birza a.k.a. Fabio and he is the sole survivor. His goofy but competitive personality has certainly helped him get far without backstabbing or making broken promises with anyone in the game.

Rewinding back, Fabio was not the type of power player who would talk with somebody to seal an agreement. He’s just a happy-go-lucky young man who wanted to be cool. Look  up the meaning of cool in the dictionary and its slang definition says “great; fine; excellent.” These are the exact words that could describe the ‘coolness’ in Fabio. His strategy reminded me of Brett in SURVIVOR SAMOA. These two men dominated in immunity challenges. The only big difference is Fabio has used his ability to stay cool and give his 101% to beat Sash, Chase and Holly during the final challenge.

The Final Tribal Council was kinda a giveaway. I knew Fabio was well-liked by the jury. I am pretty satisfied with his not-so-serious responses but it was absolutely surprising the wishy-washy Chase made a big comeback.

2) Chasing Miracles: Chase got four votes, which would mean there is only one vote that separated him and Fabio. You know what, this is quite not-believable to say but Chase made his big last step closer to the million at the very last minute of the game. He completely delivered his side with confidence and was taking full responsibility for his weaknesses. However, Chase only had the women on his side (Alina, Brenda, Holly and Jane). None of the men (Benry, Dan, Marty) bought his answers, not even Na’Onka who gave her the hidden idol in Episode 12.

3) No Votes for Sash: Sash was labeled as this season’s strategist. Some people would agree with it and some don’t. In the end, this label does not matter anymore for he still got zero votes for the title. Where do you think he went wrong?

Back with the facts first: Sash is a real estate agent and he is expected to have this oozing charisma to convince people. However, there’s too much tightness in Sash during the Q & A (He reminded me of Stephen sitting next to JT in SURVIVOR TOCANTINS). He was mentally ready to reveal himself and tried to say things that the jury wanted to hear but the Jury of Nine felt none of his answers are from the heart.

4) Finale Rating: SURVIVOR NICARAGUA is certainly the best season to date after an All-Stars Season. Predictable things happen here and there but the overall thrill was far superior to SURVIVOR VANUATU and SURVIVOR GABON. This is a season that could stand on its own even though I have no pre-shows bets in the Final Four. I wanted Fabio to win and yes, I am pretty bias about that. Fabio was one of my season’s dark horses and it was beyond the word ‘brilliant’ seeing him outlasted the rest. For that, I’ll gave the Finale Episode a 9 of 10 stars and my Season’s Overall Rating objectively received a  8.07 of 10 stars.

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Merry Christmas Everyone and keep watching SURVIVOR. The Redemption Island begins on February 16, 2011 (February 17, my time).

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5 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 86: Survivor Nicaragua – The Underdog Wins (Season Finale)

  1. Fabio deserved to win without a doubt. After winning three in row knowing he was going to get voted if he didn’t, that was amazing. He was on his last life line since Benry got voted off and fought til the end. I was shocked Chase got votes, especially from Brenda, Holly, and Alina. I was also shocked NaOnka voted for Fabio, but it is NaOnka. Sash killed himself at the final tribal council it looked like to me the jury was trying to get a reason to cast their vote for Sash, but he couldn’t deliver. I agree with you that he showed no emotion. Plus all he did was keep apologizing instead of talking about his game. I personally didn’t think he had much to apologize for, he didn’t play a cutthroat game like a Russell, Boston Rob, or Rob C.


  2. It’s unbelievable Chase got four jury votes. I kinda expected Brenda & Holly would vote for him. Brenda has connections with Chase while Holly made strong alliance with him. I was not sure with Alina though. Perhaps, she fully appreciated the confidence in Chase. He probably met what Alina was expecting him to do. In the case of Sash, he truly destroyed himself by apologizing too much. Too much of everything is not good and it can really hurt you.

    Merry Christmas Mike Cif! BE COOL


  3. @Mike: This is true —> Fabio deserved to win without a doubt. After winning three in row knowing he was going to get voted if he didn’t, that was amazing.

    Many might criticize him that he did not start playing until the end, but I think it is a true value of a competitor to be able to keep fighting when your life in the game is on the line. Winning three immunity challenges (the most important ones in the game) is easier said than done, especially since the ones left to compete against him in these challenges aren’t exactly an easy pushoff. And yet, he was able to draw deep in him some competitive spirit to keep fighting because he could have easily been Brent 2.0 in this case. In the end, it shows you that Fabio won this game all by himself without any clear alliances (maybe there were some, but they were voted off one by one). And yet, he was genuine and likable – proving that winning survivor is not just about backstabbing and double-dealing.


  4. @Dean, i kinda get where Alina’s coming from and why she chose to give Chase the vote for the million dollars. But I find satisfaction that Chase got the other votes instead of Sash, because I felt that he was genuine all throughout but didn’t know how to play the game, or was simply overwhelmed by it. And who knows, if either one of them changed their minds, then I’d rather see Chase with the million dollars and not Sash. LOL


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