Survivor Insights 82: Survivor Nicaragua – Just a Recap (Episode 11)

This was probably the best SURVIVOR recap episode in ten years.  They stay away from the traditional narration and give more airtime to a number of intriguing and never-before scenes such as:

1) The “respect” argument between Tyrone and Marty.

2) Personal moment between Holly and Na’Onka (after Nay stole and bury the flour).

3) Fabio being careless and just having much fun.

4) The sneaky side of Jane, who needed to return in their camp to get fire and cook her own fish somewhere.

5) An annoyed Benry wanted to get rid of Purple Kelly.

Jeff Probst blogs and he promises everybody an all-new and a top-notch episode next week. I am looking forward to that, Jeff, and just like the old days, I expect for the very unexpected.

Here’s a clue: I think a lot of you are going to be really thrilled by the episode.

That’s it. That’s all you get.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Let me know what you think

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