Survivor Insights 81: Survivor Nicaragua – Libertad’s Wake-up Call (Episode 10)

1) Libertad’s On Fire: After a predictable episode last week, SURVIVOR NICARAGUA is back with an explosion any fan-addict would always remember. We saw how the fire devoured the Libertad camp and the whole accident was literally a hell, it’s hot, but you know what’s even hotter, the planning and all the scheming that went upside down.

Who could imagine Brenda would be the target after her reign in La Flor?

Brenda had the entire game in her fingers and she even called herself the King and Sash was her Queen (quite hilarious here). Strategy-wise, that’s a good thing, however, Brenda’s biggest downfall came when she lost the ability to control the unexpected. She probably miscalculated the ratio of uncertainty and in an instant, every little thing she owns collapsed right in front of her. Looking back, this was also the case with Yve. Things only get rough for Yve after the switch. Everyone was all over her and it was just too late to find an opening and escape.

2) Holly, back on board: Just one move for Holly and whoosh, she transformed herself from a quitter into a power player. No one could think Holly could rotate the entire course of the game. She was completely aware ousting Brenda was a risk and she needed to cross bridges to make it happen. She simply act what her plans are and inform the right people (Jane, Benry, Na’Onka) the details they exactly need to hear.

3) Na’Onka-Fabio Combination (???): The Na’Onka-Fabio conversation at Cerro Negro was what this game was all about. Na’Onka left her irrational emotions behind and of everyone, who would imagine she’s sharing a master plan with Fabio. (Sweet!) The plan was just in the right fit and Na’Onka made the right call by pulling Fabio away from Chase and Purple Kelly.

She and Fabio were playing an entertaining game (think of all the drama they went through) while the two remaining ex-La Flor were lost in a puzzlement world. Like I said in my previous post, Purple Kelly is simply a floater (existing but not deserving the title) while Chase was busy with himself and he was chasing nothingness. His paranoia (if he continues to use it against him) could eat him.

4) Physical Guns vs Mental Guns: Let’s go back with the facts first. Jane is 56-years-old while Benry and Chase are 24. Jane worked as a dog trainer while the two younger men are club promoter and professional athlete in car racing, respectively. The Splash Back Immunity Challenge, in which they need to hold a rope in order not to fall into the water, was ideally made for Benry and Chase who regularly enhance their guns inside the fitness gym. However, who would expect something 100% unexpected would happen?

Jane destroyed the egos of these two men and convincingly outplayed them even with cramp fingers. Call it luck, call it mental power, a win is a win no matter what angle you’ll view it and Jane won this challenge. It was an extraordinary win for her and no one could change that fact.

Episode Overall Rating: Just the episode I am waiting and for that, I am giving it 10 of 10 stars

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7 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 81: Survivor Nicaragua – Libertad’s Wake-up Call (Episode 10)

  1. Weird episode. Brenda didn’t even make the attempt to stay in the game. She could have talked to Fabio, she still had kelly and what about Dan. I’m sure if she wanted to oust NaOnka, Brenda could have got Fabio and Dan. Brenda made her worst mistake by trusting a wild card like NaOnka and letting her keep the idol. Weird how the two people who found idols gave them away. To skip by Brenda good job by Sash. Sash is not done and don’t think he’s a guarantee to go next week. He’s a smart player and has the immunity idol. NaOnka herself made a stupid decision. I would think her time is winding down. Sash and Brenda were protecting her. Just to go back to Brenda, I don’t like how people are saying she’s so great. She didn’t really have a great play in the game. Sash was the one who got the alliance together and the one who was in charge. Just because Brenda wanted Marty gone and he went Sash allowed that to happen. Sash is playing a great game and had Brenda confused on who was really incharge.


  2. Yes Dean, great recap of the best episode of the season. Brenda at this stage was way too cocky and her and Sash were convinced nothing could go wrong. Brenda even said it was just too easy. I am glad she got this wake up call, I agree Sash is not the predictable next vote, nor do i think it is Na Onka. Holly she really stepped up didn’t she.
    Great episode, great blog.


  3. @Mike Brenda has created a good strategy. What she said during the pilot “Why think of tomorrow when you have the power and you’re competing now” caught my attention unfortunately the strategy went in the wrong direction. If only she picked up the right pieces, Brenda could have Na’Onka’s hidden immunity idol and she also could have Maty’s.

    @Rob Thanks for reading 🙂 Brenda could have used her cockiness to get the numbers in her side the moment Chase told her about the “new plan.” In fact, I am impressive with Brenda’s confidence and her reasoning for not scrambling. She’s not scrambling but in the end, the idea of blindsiding Na’Onka (which seems impossible) still clouded her.


  4. You always need to think about the future in survivor. Maybe if she did think about the next day her attitude would have been toned down. It sucks to see Brenda gone and I’m hoping Sash stays. I’m glad Holly started playing good, she was somebody I was looking at when the game started but she went downhill.


  5. @Mike You are right!

    Holly is now a somebody and a force to reckon with. I will also not be surprised if she continues to do same strategy the next episode just to win this competition. As for Brenda, she might have avoided the boot if she collected herself and not just settled with Chase and Sash before things get too late.


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