Survivor Insights 80: Vote for the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame

Gordon Holmes is an editor in and he wanted you to help him choose the five best SURVIVORS of All-time to become a new member of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame Class of 2010. You got until December 3, 2010 at 5 p.m. ET to vote.

What ya’ waiting for? VOTE NOW!

I have already voted and this is what I said:

1) Richard Hatch: You might consider him the most arrogant player in season one and who could imagine Rich would win the title over Kelly, who won the immunity challenges four in a row? That’s Rich and he made us realize that SURVIVOR is not all about winning immunities. You need to be the KING OF ALLIANCE who’s willing to take big risks to advance in the next level.

2) Parvati Shallow: As Dave Burris said, Parvati “holds the record for most days played” in SURVIVOR. For three reasons she’s in, she used different strategies to get far. In Cook Islands, I saw a Parvati who flirts; in Micronesia, I saw a vulnerable Parvati but she used this vulnerability to protect herself by way of cementing an all girls’ alliance with Amanda and Cirie; In HvH, I saw a very competitive Parvati who tried to use the strategy she used in Cook Islands and in Micronesia. If only Russel Hantz followed her advice to not take Sandra in the final three, Parvati could have won HvH.

3) Aras Baskauskas: The unique thing about Aras’ strategy was his ability to stay on track as always the number two best. Among Cirie, Terry, Danielle and him, Aras was not the strongest (it’s Terry) and he was not also the most social player in camp (it’s Cirie). Aras also stayed patient to win the most important immunity challenge to secure a spot in the final three. Against Terry and Danielle, Aras did not waste his time. He used his power of persuasion to get in the final two and get the jury numbers on his side.

4) Russel Hantz: The only survivor who managed to find the hidden immunity three in a row (correct me if I’m wrong) without any clue. He might not be the most likeable person in camp but Russel outplayed the rest by winning the last individual immunity challenge in Samoa and in HvH to get in the finals. The only weakness with Russel, he could not use his aggressive style to get jury votes.

5) Boston Rob: Like Parvati, Boston Rob was the most deserving runner-up to win an All-Stars title. He was the Immunity King in Season 8 and he knew he needed to play a cut-throat game to get far. The jury in eighth season was simply too emotional and some of them could not swallow their egos to award Rob the title.

– Let’s read what Jeff Probst said: Vote!

One thought on “Survivor Insights 80: Vote for the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame

  1. Hatch – First winner. He created the game and laid the ground work for how it would be played.
    Parvati – record for days played. A huge strategic, social, and physical player. The best women to play the game. best ever? That’s harder to say.
    Russel Hantz – A cut throat player who plays the game. A hidden immunity god and maybe the king of strategy.
    Boston Rob – A great strategist and physical player. He was feared and his reputation grew to where people were afraid to go against him, until Russel Hantz was born another man who people became afriad to go against.
    Rupert or Sandra – Neither may be a good strategist, social, or physical player but, for Rupert he is a huge face of survivor. He is one of the most beloved players ever and sometimes that gets you into the hall. Sandra is the only person to win twice.


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