Survivor Insights 79: Survivor Nicaragua- Predictable Things Happen… (Episode 9)

1) The Predictable Ending: There was a bit disappointment when you’re watching a Tribal Council and in the end, another strategic player was ousted (Marty) by two of the strongest members of Libertad (Sash & Brenda). This was already a solid proof that Sash & Brenda were completely running the show and their bond seems unbreakable.

This was another intelligent move for them but for those who were watching it (like me), this was a very predictable vote. Three reasons why I consider it intelligent:

  • They knew they were allowing Marty to take control if they agreed on his plan of flushing-out Na’Onka’s hidden idol.
  • They also knew Marty would continue to lurk around (Marty had already got Benry, Flavio and Dan on his side in an attempt to eliminate Jane) if they would give him three more days to stay.
  • They knew they would keep Jane because they can easily control her.

Two reasons why I consider it very predictable:

  • Marty was all over the editing. He was like the highest paid Hollywood actor during this episode because he got the biggest scenes from start to finish.
  • The editing also revealed Sash was a bit hesitant in bringing Marty in the finals. Therefore, he ended Marty’s campaign instead of wasting his time voting against Jane.

2) Na’Onka’s Explosion: What you saw in TV is the real Na’Onka. If she loved the F*** word and the dirty finger, let her be. She’s hungry. She’s stressed. She’s emotional and being real, to her own words, is the real thing even you’re embarrassing yourself in front of camera.

Jeff Probst did talk about her in his blog and this is what he said:

“She stole Fabio’s socks, she stole flour, she stole food, she tackled a woman with one leg, she yells at everybody whenever she’s in a bad mood and is one of the most despised contestants to ever play Survivor…but she is still in the game.”

3) Men vs. Women: This week’s reward challenge was all physical and five men had to play against five women. Chase has to sit-out but has given a chance to select which group would win. I got no doubts that the men would win this challenge and it’s a big disbelief that Chase chose the women over men.

I was not sure what Chase was thinking that moment. Perhaps, he already found it hard to understand where he’s going, now there were only ten in the camp.

“What were you thinking bro! C’monn.” – Benry

His strategy was to go with the numbers, that’s good and (strategic-wise) he seems in better position than Benry, but he was confusing himself too much, that even Brenda was disappointed with his wishy-washy behavior.

“Chase is too paranoid.  You can be tall and you can be muscular, but really where’s all that alpha male, power and control?  It’s an illusion.”

Episode Overall Rating: 7 of 10 stars

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4 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 79: Survivor Nicaragua- Predictable Things Happen… (Episode 9)

  1. Sash also made a nice play letting brenda decide who was going home. when your in charge you sometimes have to let the people in your alliance get their way instead of your own. Sash gets rid of marty to keep control but also to reassure jane and holly. though janee and holly are on the outside of the main alliance i doubt they will go work with anyone else. I’m not so sure Sash has pushed the guy alliance out just yet.


  2. Nah Sash has to much power compared to what Sandra had. Sandra wasn’t making any decisions and never played a strategy besides the if it ain’t me. This team of Sash and Brenda reminds me of Todd and Amanda. I think that was China


  3. Yeah, that was in China, season 15 and you’ve got a good point there. Sash-Brenda could be the Todd-Amanda of this season.

    It will be better if I’ll watch that season again starting tomorrow, hehehe.


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