Survivor Insights 78: Survivor Nicaragua-The Curious Case of the Dirt Squirrel (Episode 8)

“You are a 100 percent Grade-A dirt squirrel.” – Benry

Dirt Squirrel – Urban Dictionary: a female of questionable character

1) Everybody Hates Alina: It’s not fair anymore if you’ll just say Alina was eliminated because everyone around the camp hated her. The word “hate” is just too offensive and plain wrong. Change hate to fear and that sounds better.

Here’s my take on this: Alina was the type of person who could see the deeper side of this game. The girl who even Russel Hantz wanted to get rid of because of her ability to create a clear-cut plan which could benefit her. The next problem was the number was against her.

Chase and Benry were threatened by her. Na’Onka did not trust her. Holly punished her for having a secret agreement with Na’Onka for stealing the fruits and Dan was completely back in Marty’s arms.

Strategic-wise, it was difficult to be in Alina’s position. It was not as complicated as what Parvati did in Micronesia. Alina had also no luck as Amber in Season 8’s All-Stars. She was clearly feared by everyone around the camp for a reason she herself could not understand.

2) Stolen Food: Na’Onka was playing a very aggressive game. There’s much aggression in her style and all things lead in the wrong (will it be correct if I say wrongest?) direction.

The situation was her tribemates pissed her off for she only ate a little of the tortilla which she cooked. So as her revenge she decided to bury the flour.

“I woke up this morning very irritable because I woke up and made the tortillas.  It was my idea.  And the fact that I’m the last to get everything and I get the smallest tortilla, it’s like okay you guys want to play … okay, I can play too.”

I don’t hate Na’Onka that much but this type of behavior was marked by immaturity. She was playing a game of SURVIVOR, not simply a game for toddlers. If you’re pissed off, keep that to yourself. Never show your anger by stealing the food, which is prepared for the group.

To be fair with Nay, she was perhaps controlled by her frustration that time and she could no longer think straight. That’s quite understandable! Just a thought though: if this simple case already angered her, how much more was left for Nay if the group will vote her out before the finals?

3) Marty Talks It All Out: Marty is a big fan of this show. He knew how it’s played and even if he’s only left with a twig to hang on, he still had the confidence to talk it all out by letting the tribe know that Jane could be a potential winner.

Marty was 100% correct! He got nothing to lose by talking that loud. The tribe was against him. He no longer have the immunity idol in his pocket and the only ally he had is Dan. So, why waste the time and be quiet at one corner?

4) The Dark Horses in Libertad: I almost forgot the new tribe name, which means liberty. Marty made this one and that would mean one thing:

Marty was never contented to just sit around. He’s still trying to gain some control but sad to say, the power which is not made for long-term. You and I know luck was the reason why Marty was not voted out for two episodes now. In fact, the tribe would not also lose anything if Marty stays longer (as long as he will not be in the finals).

The main question now is: who’ll be the dark horses of this season (the one who can risk to jump over the fences without falling down)?

a) Sash

Seemingly the bestest choice to win this season due to his power of persuasion. However, being powerful is not everything in SURVIVOR even the great manipulator Russel Hantz has failed for two seasons in a row. Right now, Sash may have enjoyed the position as the leader of his alliance but for how long? Is that enough to take him in the finals?

b) Fabio

There’s a spiky edge beneath Fabio’s carefree personality. I also have a hard time reading his direction. He seems he’s going left, right, middle or just be at the center where he’s completely safe. Who knows, this new strategy can help him win this season.

c) Kelly Purple

The editing have ignored her for a number of episodes now but she still outlasted the likes of Yve, Jill and Alina, who clearly played an aggressive game than her. Kelly Purple is this season’s floater. You just can’t feel her but she’s still existing and I am not sure if she deserves the title for that.

Back in SURVIVOR SAMOA, Natalie had this similar game; Who do you think will act as Kelly’s Russel Hantz?

d) Chase & Brenda

Right before the switch, these two made a pact to be loyal with each other, not sure though if that means for “no matter what.” Is this a long-term pact or completely forgotten now that they are merged?

5) Jane & Fabio: This week’s immunity was kinda a blast. It looked very easy but when you started to see Alina, Benry, Marty and Chase broke down, you’ll realize this game was no joke at all. I was not expecting Jane and Flavio to win. Before this challenge started, I completely thought this was made for Alina or Brenda and Chase or Benry.

Episode Overall Rating: 8 of 10 stars – Alina is officially a jury member and Probst confirmed it. It’s hard to expect if Marty or Benry will bag the title so I will prepare myself for the unpredictable and more blindsides.

Who goes first? Benry or Marty? Don’t tell me 🙂 I hate spoilers!

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6 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 78: Survivor Nicaragua-The Curious Case of the Dirt Squirrel (Episode 8)

  1. Alina was a big threat and if left around along enough maybe could have changed the game. However, I think getting rid of her hurt everyone but, Sash. Sash for his own reasons had to keep Marty because he made a deal with him. Sash easily gets Marty’s vote if he makes it to the finals (I don’t by that he’d vote for Jane, just because he is such a fan of the show). Alina is much less of a threat then Marty who seems to have at least two people in Dan and Fabio.

    I think NaOnka is still in the game because she benefits Sash. I don’t believe Brenda is that good of a player anymore. I think if she plays again she will improve greatly, but as of now she’s not that good. Sash is running the show and as of now as an easy walk to the finals.

    Marty needs to start making better cases. Back at the older tribe things were probably to easy for Marty. Now he lost his power and is doing much of anything. His genius move was when he pulled in Fabio with his chess master talk. Then now giving the idol to Sash is paying off cause he gained another week. However, he needs to start befriending Jane instead of going against her. He needs to let Holly, Benry, Kelly, and Jane (should have did this last week when Alina was there) understand they aren’t going far. They will each get their heads cut off before the finals and that they are outside and need to work back in, with him.


  2. Brenda will be in a safer position with Chase than with Sash. Brenda might be having a good time with Sash however, things can go in a different way that they are now merged. I just don’t know if Brenda would still continue working with Chase. Look deep inside the chain and you’ll see in Brenda that she knew if she brings Chase in the finals, Chase will win. If she goes with Sash and Kelly Purple, Sash can also win.

    Brenda was kinda in a sandwich situation right now (just like Amanda in China and in Micronesia). She has many options to choose from but whichever direction she goes, she only (and would probably) finishes number two. Her easiest way to the title right now is to be with Na’Onka,


  3. Everyone’s easiest way to win is to bring NaOnka and probably Dan. Brenda just doesn’t impress me and she probably could go away from Sash and change the game. I’m not sure anyone in this season is too impressive. Marty looked as if he would be really good, but he hasn’t impressed me post merge. i don’t think Brenda or Sash have that large of an influence because of the people their playing with.


  4. There are a couple of people in Libertad who are playing too impressively. These are Benry and Marty (bias but this is true!). The biggest problem is their game can easily be destroyed by the numbers. Marty had never recovered after the switch and could not swallow his ego while Benry, his strategy was going downhill only if he’s not careful with the secret whisperings around the camp.


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