Survivor Insights 77: Survivor Nicaragua- The Doctor is Out! (Episode 7)

1) Good Negotiator vs Bad Negotiator: As many people say, desperate times call for desperate measures. Marty was no longer in possession of the not-already-hidden idol after Sash approached him for a deal anyone could not imagine Marty would give in.

However, the logic behind Marty’s irrational decision was understandable. This only means that it’s difficult to think straight when the numbers are constantly against you. It’s also hard to ignore a negotiator as smart as Sash who’s all over you and he’s coercing you to do something that you’re not agreeing of.

After this negotiation, I seemed to realize “the Marty in Espada” who had the whole tribe was gone. The leadership role was gone too. Sad but true, I do not see him winning this season (except if a number of things begin to surface such as Espada would need him), especially now that the power has shifted to Sash and co.

That’s why; someone has to be sacrificed again and just like Kelly B, Jill has to go. She prepared herself for it.

2) Back-to-Back Wins for Espada: The decision to vote out Yve did not change Espada’s performance on challenges. In fact, Espada made a huge leap forward by winning two challenges in a row. There’s no need to doubt that Benry and Alina aced the Immunity Challenge for their tribe. These two are thinkers. When they talk, they make sense. Kudos to this pair! They (Benry in particular) won the final point for his tribe in Reward and with Alina during the Cannon Ski-Ball Immunity Challenge.

Just wondering what happened with the editing. There was an instant pause when Sash volunteered to sit out before the challenge started. This didn’t make sense to me and by looking into it,  Sash and Brenda could be a good two pairs of eyes for La Flor.

Unpredictability happens in this game all the time and whatever the message of this call, I am sure Sash had a purpose of doing so.

3) The Breakfast: This was an emotional breakfast. It’s clear to see in their faces that they were devouring the food like these things are rare to find and there was no tomorrow to come. Alina got emotional too and she found some comfort in Holly’s arms.

I just don’t understand why Na’Onka thought this was all strategy. It could be to some extent but Alina’s moment was kinda genuine. She was not faking it. In situations like that, emotions could easily poured out because Alina probably felt lucky and blessed that of all the million people living in America, she was chosen to join the most popular reality-competition on TV and she’s with a likeable tribe of six (Benry, Chase, Na’Onka, Holly & Dan).

4) Chasing-out Alina: Benry was threatened by Yve last week. This week, Chase wanted Alina out. Wow, it seems unbelievable these alpha males were scared of girls. Chase got the numbers on his side. He’s safe even if he and Brenda were separated after the switch.

To me, voting out Alina would not make any impact on the game. Perhaps, it was a good idea because he can put a stop to Benry-Alina secret deal. You know, if  Chase, Benry and Alina could sail through the final three even that’s unlikely to happen, I could see an Erinn (SURVIVOR TOCANTINS) in Alina and she can successfully find a way to break the alliance of two best friends.

5) Fabio & Freud: This week’s Tribal Council became intriguing because of their discussion with Sigmund Freud’s Unconscious Theory. This was a nice moment. For the first time in seven episodes, Fabio said something that I can relate to even when he ended up not winning this season.

My Overall Episode Rating: 7 of 10 stars – Twelve castaways remain and merge is coming.  Three of my pre-show bets are still on the roll 🙂

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The Episode’s Immunity Challenge

4 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 77: Survivor Nicaragua- The Doctor is Out! (Episode 7)

  1. A crazy episode that changed everything. Marty’s decision made no sense. He was safe if he just gave the idol to Jeff and saved himself. The immunity idol is a huge power and to give it to a rival has no upside. Well those were my thoughts until tribal council and the next episode. Sash made a huge mistake and it could send Brenda in the other direction. And if brenda goes NaOnka and Chase are almost guaranteed to leave the alliance. This is where Marty can begin to attempt to regain control. If Holly and Jane could put their personal feelings aside and concentrate on getting farther in the game it gives a solid four of Marty, Dan, Holly, and Jane (should beable to bring Alina and Benry over) against a five that is now fractured. Trust and numbers are what make this game go. And as the game goes on trust is harder to find and believe in.


  2. It’s possible to have a Marty-Dan-Holly-Jane alliance but I don’t want it to happen. That would be a boring final 4. We know that Dan is a floater and he’s using his weakness to advance further in the game. I can see Jan of Thailand in Jane and it would not be bad if she makes the final three, that is if the alliance of Brenda and co. allow it.

    It would be great if Marty will protect Benry and Flavio. He can get 100% loyalty in them.


  3. A Marty-Benry-Fabio alliance would absolutely be great (Dream Team) but it seems impossible. Two of these men are power players and the other castaways won’t allow them to stay longer.


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