Survivor Insights 75: Survivor Nicaragua- Peace out Tyrone! (Episode 5)

1) The Twist: New episode, new twist and new tribe members. Brenda chose Marty, Jill and Jane to join La Flor while Holly chose Chase, Benry, Alina and NaOnka for Espada. I have no complains at this tribe shake-up. It all seems fair and equal, especially for those youngsters. If they at La Flor stick together, they (Brenda, Kelly B, Judd, Purple Kelly and Matthew) can rule this game. On the other side, this twist has its biggest impact on Marty and Yve. No matter how smart these two are, one of them could be in trouble and would bye-bye before the merge feast.

2) Shaky Situations for Marty and Yve: Marty was the luckiest man on Nicaragua Rainforest when La Flor won this week’s Immunity Challenge. Marty needed this win and hopefully, he would use this moment to have the numbers on his side. Should Benry broke that last tile for Espada and Judd did not, Marty was forced to use his not-already-hidden immunity idol and Jill goes home.

Over at Espada, I don’t get the big picture why Yve voted against the numbers. Was she completely blinsided? Or she only miss something an important puzzle while talking with Alina?

It hurts but it’s true. Nothing is 100% in SURVIVOR, everything can change in a blink of an eye and you will realize this was probably the cold case with Yve. Probably, she has forgotten to fix her plans after the switch and for that, Tyrone went home and there were only two votes revealed against NaOnka.

(Some miracles here please!)

3) Holly and her kids (Chase, Benry, Alina): Holly is back and I am satisfied with her decision to put Alina, Benry, Chase and NaOnka in one tribe. If Holly sticks to her word and stay with her three charismatic kids in Nicaragua, that would be good. If not, and Yve successfully persuades her to let go of one of her kids, then there will be no ABC in the merge. Preparing myself for the worst, it’s probably one of her sons who need to go. It’s either Chase or Benry. Except if these two finds a way to copy what JT and Stephen accomplished in Tocantins.

4)  The Spit-It-Out Immunity Challenge: This is a unique challenge that can blow anyone’s mind upside down. The creative minds behind this challenge are genius and they deserve much love and much bigger KUDOS. They also deserve a raise, Mark, a lot of raise 🙂 This is the type of challenge I’ve been waiting for since SURVIVOR SAMOA.

5) Chasing NaOnka: There’s a story of rainbow going on in Nicaragua Rainforest to save NaOnka’s breakdown. Was it a part of strategy? Could be. But to me, the story was genuine. Listening to Chase is a wake-up call for all of us to treat our dads like our best friend before the time is up.

My Overall Episode Rating: 9 of 10 stars

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6 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 75: Survivor Nicaragua- Peace out Tyrone! (Episode 5)

  1. Good stuff. The season seems like it’s going to really take off. Marty is going to have to fight for his life in the new tribe. He’s outnumbered and stupidly told everyone once again about the Hidden immunity idol. Not so sure Holly’s young people are with her. I think they would use her as a vote but then cast her aside since I’m not so sure any of those four all playing the game well strategically.


  2. Not my most favorite episode but the challenges were a MAJOR improvement from the past ones. It totally makes a difference when you have the old and young mixed together. One reason why I am not happy is that Tyrone was voted off, apparently another one bet off my list. What is more frustrating for me is the fact that NaOnka is there (someone who is throwing the towel) while a more competent player is off. But as they say, better leave early than lose in the end, right?

    I could not blame Benry, Chase and Alina either for opting to let NaOnka stay. She is weak emotionally. Once you show signs of weakness, it will be a matter of time before you explode and she finally quits this game. The other 3 youngsters in the new Espada tribe are just using her as a tool.. Smart play! I guess I could not complain about that even if Tyrone was made a sacrificial lamb in the process!


  3. @Mike That’s right. Marty needs to fight for his life especially now that his chances of survival boiled down to 49-51 from 70-30.

    @Abby Benry, Chase and Alina have the ability to control NaOnka. These three are not only competitive physically but they are also thinkers. They are smart. They analyze every angle and they know when to talk and when to shut up. I’m just not sure if they can also control their mom, Holly, once Yve will snake inside to cut the chain. What do ya think?


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