Survivor Insights 61: Survivor Heroes vs. Villains- Parvati & JT Made it to the Jury. Hurrah!

At last, Parvati Shallow (Sole Survivor of Season 16) and JT (Sole Survivor of Season 18), my first-impression favorites who have won, cruised their way into the jury in what I can call the toughest season of SURVIVOR in history-SURVIVOR HEROES vs VILLAINS.

Parvati continued to flirt and sucked blood to get farther while JT took his game into another heights to avoid early exit in Heroes Tribe.

Aras (Sole Survivor of Season 12) was not a part of this all-stars season. That’s fine, his runner-up, Danielle, is on board and is currently doing well in the game. It’s satisfying to see Danielle works along with Parvati. The series of events in this season are HOT and to tell you the truth, P & D are making it a hotter one.

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