Survivor Insights 60: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- “Everybody drop your… expectations.”

Jeff Probst says,

“It’s been a long time since we last tried to pull off a “fake merge.” It was way back on Survivor: Thailand when Shi-Ann took the bait, believing that we were in fact merging and ultimately made a strategic mistake that cost her a shot at the million dollars.”

Villains in Landslide Defeat

For four challenges in a row, Villains was struggling. Their teamwork was in a down roll. Russel continued to stay to vote out his biggest competitors. First, he sacrificed Tyson before gunning for Boston Rob. Now, he voted for Courtney along with Coach and Jerri but Coach was sent in the Ponderosa first.

Things get crazier now, right? Certainly yes. You just don’t know what will happen next.

“Who really is in charge over at the Villains camp? Is it Russell? Is it Parvati? Is it Parvati and Danielle? Or is it truly a power trio of Russell, Parvati, and Danielle? Expect a battle for true leadership to emerge at some point because Parvati takes a back seat to nobody.” -Jeff Probst

“It’s all falling together perfectly…”

This is what Parvati have told Russel. Try to remember it. However, like a puff in a cigarette, all things have changed. Parvati stood on her own, brought Danielle, Courtney and Sandra on the side to eliminate Coach.

The “Women Alliance.” I have seen this strategy in Micronesia and looks like Parvati was doing it all over again. Until now, I am still trying to figure out why there’s a sudden change. The Russel-Parvati-Danielle Trio, with Jerri underneath, could have worked. Let Russel do the thinking. He’s the great strategist after all.

Perhaps, the argument between Russel and Danielle has made a huge impact on the alliance. It only showed that Russel was all by himself. He could not listen to anyone and Danielle was annoyed. Hurt. In that case, Danielle went to Parvati, created another plan and the two decided to cut the line with Russel.

Russel is a great strategist, yes, I got that, but Parvati is also a viral strategist. She could spread her virus all over the angles of the game and flirt her way to success. Russel is standing taller than his ego and that’s his big dilemma. He immediately rode with Sandra without thinking well.

“Danielle is right. But it’s too late, and she’s the wrong person to make a suggestion to Russell. Russell doesn’t respect Danielle. Parvati might have a shot at convincing Russell but she’s fine getting rid of Coach, because remember… it’s all “falling together perfectly. (Jeff Probst)”

To Play or Not to play with Sandra and Courtney

Villains lose this episode’s back-to-back challenge because of the absence of Boston Rob. Rob could have pushed the right buttons for his tribe. Russel and Parvati were not the leaders of the group. Coach was trying to play “coach” but the instant decision to sit-out Sandra and Courtney during the bowling challenge was nonsense.

Jeff Probst said: “Coach, this isn’t the PBA with oiled up lanes and a Black Diamond 16 lb ball. This is Survivor bowling. It’s 90 percent luck for crying out loud. When you have to sit someone out, the question should never be about the Reward Challenge, it should always be about the upcoming Immunity Challenge.”

As I see it, with Coach in the Ponderosa, the Villains will probably have hard a hard time getting back into the physical challenges to where they were. A women alliance (Parvati, Danielle, Courtney, Sandra) + Jerri + Russel is not working.

Amanda to clash with JT

This was one of the series of events that bugs me after watching this episode. Heroes won another feast. Wow, it’s a yummy triumph but wait, Amanda wanted to down JT.

Yeah, sounds a good plan but I feel uncomfortable with this plan. Bias as it seems, JT is still my impression-favorite to be in the final four and he has also the hidden immunity idol and why vote him out when you Amanda can work with him to oust Colby or Rupert.

Whatever happens, it’s still fine with me though, JT made it to the jury and was playing a different game compared to the previous season he’s in (season 18). Being a member of the jury is all enough for JT 🙂

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