Survivor Insights 59: Survivor Heroes vs Villains – Evil Russel Outsmarts Boston Rob

Episode 6

Jeff Probst says: “Physically, Boston Rob continues to dominate this game. I don’t think there is anybody left that can beat him at any of the challenges. Like him or hate him, you cannot deny that if you’re in a fox hole, B-Rob would not be a bad guy to have in there with you. (Jeff”s Blog)”

SurvivorDean says: It’s a surprise Boston Rob won this immunity challenge. It was certainly a tight race between him and Russel with Parvati on the dot. Of course, I want Parvati to win. I want the virus to stay longer! When Rob wraps up the challenge, Oh, I thought it’s goodbye Parvati. Or, Goodbye Mr. Hantz.

Jeff Probst says: “Who needs a challenge department? Who needs a host? The Hero tribe provided more drama and more humor than any challenge we’ve done thus far this season when they created their own Survivor Challenge: The Hero Olympics. James taking on J.T.? Get out. That’s good television.”

SurvivorDean says: Probably, this is the most memorable scene in Hero’s Camp. Quite funny, right? Until now, it’s still hard to digest that the most muscular man of the season is injured and what’s more funnier is, James challenged JT on a marathon. Hahaha. This only proves that James is absolutely an important character in SURVIVOR HISTORY. The big man does give up no matter what.

In the end, the Hero Tribe gets it right and get rid of James. The decision to vote out Colby or Candice is nonsense. It’s still early and the tribe still need Colby’s strengths for the succeeding challenges. They might also need Candice for the number for the upcoming merge.

That is, if Candice remains loyal. Candice grows on me as this season progress. She’s playing a different game, a risky one.

Jeff Probst says: “Russell giving the idol to Parvati was the biggest risk he’s taken in either of his two seasons. He went for broke and it worked.”

SurvivorDean says: This is absolutely the craziest Tribal Council in history. Honestly, I don’t like the idea of both tribes voting someone off. The idea is unfair but you know what, this nonsense idea becomes a big PLUS in this episode. Thanks to Evil Russel!

Russel was the one man who turn things upside-down. I did not expect it that Tyson was going home. Not even a clue. Refreshing my memory: Russel asked Tyson to vote out Parvati instead of giving in to Boston Rob’s plans. At tribal after the vote, Russel gave his hidden idol to Parvati. Russel was vulnerable. Parvati was safe (smiles) but when Jeff tallied the votes- whoa, the master plan worked. Russel knew it was coming, such a genius. Tyson got three votes against two to him

Episode 7

Jeff Probst says on Boston Rob:…on Survivor; Heroes vs. Villains, he transformed himself yet again — this time into a fairly likable, extremely hardworking and challenge-dominating player who took it upon himself to go up against Russell, the biggest villain of all-time.Some might say the karma of past betrayals finally caught up with B Rob and he went down hard. Probably for the last time. Rob… you will be missed.”

SurvivorDean says: When Boston Rob was voted out, it was not really a rough thing. Rob is like-able but still, he’s a threat. He’s playing a brilliant social game and that’s the one main reason why Russel can’t work with him. Good people can be “very” dangerous for Russel. If Russel sided with these good people like Boston Rob, he could be gone like a puff.

Come on, Boston Rob can cut Russel’s throat anytime of the day. The great thing with Russel is, he remains to be patient all throughout. He’s kinda arrogant and egoistic, yes, but you know what, he’s also scared for himself. Last episode, Russel has to walk on water. The sole fact that he couldn’t touch Boston Rob because of the immunity necklace, Russel sacrificed Tyson. This episode, Villains was defeated in back-to-back challenges and Russel simply tried to find a crack, picked up the pieces on paper scattered on the road, confused Coach and luckily, it all worked and he ended the game as it should be.

As what Jeff Probst says, “Let me tell you what I’m really learning from Russell — when you have nothing to fear, nothing at stake, you have all the power. Russell is truly only playing to win and it shows. He is so brazen. Russell is one helluva salesman. No, I am not going to stop talking about him because he’s absolutely fascinating.

What’s even more amazing is that he is still in the game! For all the people that want to hate on him, he’s still in the game and Rob is gone.”

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