Survivor Insights 51: Survivor Heroes vs. Villains (Sneak Peek Preview)

They’re back!

Ten Heroes (MEN: Colby, James, Rupert, Tom and JT – WOMEN: Amanda, Stephenie, Cirie, Sugar and Candice) against Ten Villains (MEN: Rob, Russel, Tyson, Coach and Randy – WOMEN: Parvati, Danielle, Courtney, Jerri and Sandra): Which side are you?

I am a liar if I say I don’t have bets.

Of course, I do have but it’s too risky to pick one, 101% Riskier than before. Anything dirty, unpredictable and shocking blindsides can unfold now.

Two of my personal bets were the defending champions (sole survivors I say) and I’m sure those two would be a BIG threat to everyone. Remember in SURVIVOR ALL-STAR? Saboga ousted Tina, winner of season two, during the first tribal council. Winners lose early and that sucks.

I hope the fiber of thin luck will still side with those two (Parv and JT) and cruised through the merge.

I love Danielle back in season 12 and it’s a 50-50 roll for me if she can go far or go home early. If Danielle can’t hold on, my “wildcard” vote goes for Cirie. Cirie has improved a lot. She works hard to secure a spot in the final four back in season 12 and final three in Micronesia.

Of course, there’s Evil Russel and Boston Rob. If possible, I want these two to be a part of the jury.

They are the two castaways who create the loudest buzz in history and I can’t wait what series of event would transpire when these two are in the same tribe along with Parvati, Tyson, Coach, Randy and Jerri.

For now, you must watch this exciting season’s sneak preview.

What Jeff Probst say about the castaways?

W A T C H!

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