Happy New Year!

It’s year 2010 folks! New year, new life, new set of struggles, new hope and this blog turns one in late January since his transformation.

And it’s a bit frustrating to think until now I have not watched the SURVIVOR SAMOA finale and reunion. That’s kinda sucks considering I’m one of those people who feel empty without watching a single episode of the series.

Yet, it’s okay, the downloading is nearly done right this very minute and I am watching it NOW!

Before I end this post, I would like to remind myself that I still have various posts to write for this blog.

*SURVIVOR INSIGHTS 50: Survivor Samoa Finale

*SURVIVORDEAN’s Year-End Countdown (Best of 2009)

*Best Moments of 2009 and all in all I got the best 5.

*I know it’s so late but I have not written a tennis year-end news. I read various tennis recalls but in my case, I am too lazy to write my own version and was also pretty busy at work.

Geez, days fly by very fast. Brisbane International starts in two days. Good luck Ana Ivanovic!

Let me know what you think

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