Travis and Presley, The Winner of The Greatest American Dog Season 1

Among the twelve hopefuls, Travis with his dog, Presley were declared as the overall winner of the new reality competition program, Greatest American Dog.

The Dog Owner

“Originally from Perry, Oklahoma, Travis grew up with all kinds of animals, including dogs (specifically pointers). He received a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications and Public Relations (with a minor in theater) from Oklahoma State University.”

“After college, he moved to Los Angeles where he currently works as a bartender while pursuing an acting career. He describes himself as funny, tough, competitive and sensitive. He says that both he and his dog, Presley, play hard and sleep hard. He is not a fan of dogs in clothing/costumes.”

The Dog

“Presley (a sixteen-month-old pure bred boxer who weighs 53 pounds) loves to play non-stop and his best tricks involve visual commands. Travis describes Presley as hyper, intelligent, affectionate, ultra-friendly and playful. He knows how to shake, stay, heel, lay, back up, kiss and play keep-away on command.”

About Greatest American Dog

Debuted on July 10, 2008, Greatest American Dog brings twelve extraordinary teams of dogs and owners in one compound and will compete against each other in several challenges. Each week, the three judges namely Victoria Stilwell, Allan Reznik and Wendy Diamond will expel one dog and their owner.

Travis and Presley, even though they were at the bottom three for three consecutive meetings, were still the last team standing at the end of the race and receives $250,000 and the title, THE GREATEST AMERICAN DOG.

Other than Travis and Presley, my personal bets were Ron and Tillman and Laura and Preston.

Information courtesy of: CBS

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