Survivor Insights 48: Aras Sings Well!

Aras Baskauskas was one of my first-impression-pick to win Mark Burnett’s SURVIVOR. At the time of the taping (Survivor Panama Exile Islands), Aras became the second youngest male winner of the reality-competition program.

After SURVIVOR, Aras became the CEO of TundraGear, continued to teach yoga in Santa Monica and surprisingly embraced the world of singing and guitar-playing. Posted below is his first music video entitled “Silence” and first time listening to it, it was good. The lyrics speak a lot and Aras digs deep to unfold the real emotions for this song. He claims he likes Norah Jones that’s why, he’s into slow and acoustic type of genre.

“I really can’t say what genre my music fits. Thats not because my music is so unique that it doesn’t fit into any box. Rather, its simply because I don’t know too much about genres,” Aras said.

“The subject matter of my songs is highly personal, and even painful but, making the music has been effortless and cathartic. Music has given me that gift to finally allow myself to feel all those emotions I’d never given myself permission to feel before.”

Music video is released. I was hoping the girl in the video was Danielle DiLorenzo, his runner-up during the competition but that’s not Danielle, her name is Karina Deyko.

Born and bred in Santa Monica, the maternal grandson of TV royalty Macdonald Carey and having played college basketball, Aras says an epiphany while tossing up whether to play basketball professionally in Europe changed his life forever.

You can catch Aras other songs in MySpace. Song producers must look onto this and give this sole survivor a large bite in the commercial world. With powerful lines like “Keep running in circles” and “You thought your heart was a weakness,” Aras proves one thing. He sings well!

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