Survivor Insights 47: Galu’s Self-Destruction Continues

What gone wrong with Galu?

They started this game as the front runners. They only lose one immunity challenge. Their teamwork, their confidence and their urge to win was all high even after they need to let go of Russel S, their leader.

However, things went crazy during the first three tribal councils as Aiga. Ousting Erik was understandable. Erik was a threat, physically and mentally and that sole reason alone, Erik was blindside and became the first member of the jury.

The next Tribal Council as Aiga was totally a surprise. Galu unanimously voted for Evil Russel. They thought Russel was no longer in possession of the hidden immunity idol but Russel’s time was not finished. He played the idol again and for that Foa Foa votes were counted and Kelly took the cut instead.

Episode 10: The hidden immunity idol was back in Aiga’s camp once again. Dave and Laura tried to stop Russel H but nothing happened. Russel overpowered them and this…

Evil Russel and the Hidden Immuty for the Third Time

“THREE IDOLS!  Come on.  You have to give him some credit.  Check that, a lot of credit.  We’ve had hidden immunity idols for a long time now and up until this season nobody has ever thought to just start looking for them, with or without a clue.  Russell was so on top of his game that he gave us Producers a run for our money.  We were as shocked as you are that he continued to find them before anybody else.” Jeff Probst wrote in his blog.

Moving forward, Mick won the immunity challenge outplayed Jaison and Brett. That means, the remaining Galu could only gun for Natalie or Jaison.

At Tribal Council, the votes were tied at 5-5 for Natalie and Laura. However, things went crazy for Laura and John voted for her after the tie.

And Shambo was glad. I could not understand why former Galu allowed themselves to blindside one of their own (Erik and Laura) when they would have voted for Shambo. Erik and Laura were true to Galu while Shambo did not like her tribe from the beginning. Clearly, she has trust issues with anyone in Galu.

Too late for a change though. Shambo belonged to Russel H now, her (60-40) loyalty was in Foa Foa. It’s Foa Foa 4 + Shambo against the original Galu (John, Monica, Brett, Dave).

Trust Issues

“Galu actually had a very solid idea.  It took some doing, but Galu actually game up with a good plan.  Convince Foa Foa they are taking out another one of their own – John.  In fact, Monica did a very good job of working Foa Foa trying to convince them the vote was for John.  Trusting anybody is tough on Survivor, but in terms of pure performance, she did a great job of justifying why she would not vote for Laura but would vote for John.”

Jeff was very correct in this part. Monica was already flirting her way to success and if you ask me, I was confused why she sided with Mick and Jaison and gunned for John. She could have convinced John to oust Mick or Jaison but I don’t think that will happen. John was threatened by Monica’s persuasive skills.

If you remembered, John wanted Monica out during the merge. It was supposed to be Monica sitting in the jury’s box, not Erik, right? To make the story short, there was a broken-trust-issue between Monica and John that’s why Monica sided with Mick and Jaison.

John: Going Up or Down?

“But John’s no dummy.  Getting even one vote at tribal council is never a good thing.  Getting four votes is way too risky.  It suddenly becomes too easy for someone to “change their mind” and just vote you out.”

This tenth episode was for John. His game plan was on. He was taking risks and that’s unbelievable. This is what SURVIVOR is all about, right? The only downfall is; what John did this episode gave me a feeling that next week, another Galu member will still take the fall.

As I see it, the John-Russel-deal will not work at all. Of all the people in Aiga, why John chose to make a deal with Russel H? The man was already in the most powerful position and if he felt threatened by John, Russel can instantly thrash him off.

John’s only hope was probably to win an immunity necklace next week or perhaps, something else not yet seen will happen?

Let me know what you think

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