Survivor Insights 46: Amanda Wins Survivor Philippines Season 2 in Palau

Amanda won Survivor Philippines season two and she was the first Pinay Sole Survivor. Truth of this matter is; she deserves the title more than Justine and Jef. Here’s why:

1) Amanda was the immunity queen of this season.

With respect to Shaun, he won the very first individual immunity challenge and the one who was in the possession of the hidden immunity object and played it during the Tribal Council. But it’s totally a different case for Amanda, she won immunity two challenges in a row. The first was an endurance game and the second, it was all physical and speed. She and Mika were in a race while building the tower but Amanda emerged as the better player that time. Although she did not won the final immunity challenge against Charles, she leveled up her game to her advantage during the tiebreaker (fire challenge).

2) Amanda played a social game that has a long-term effect.

Among the final three, Justine was the great player, socially and mentally. She tried her best to get the numbers on her side although she was not part of the original Korror or Airai for a long period of time. No doubt, Justine was the Mentalist of this season, not Troy. The only downfall with Justine’s social game, she became too aggressive. Too upfront and that destroyed her overall game. As for Amanda, her social game did not only involve the strategic side of the game. Remember what she said during the final tribal council? Amanda combined HEART & BRAINS in her answers. She got too personal when she needed to and that what made her the true sole survivor of this season.

3) Amanda stayed loyal to her alliance.

The one great thing about Amanda was she did not choose to play the “TWO FACE” like Parvati Shallow did in SURVIVOR MICRONESIA. The two-face is probably the riskiest type of game in SURVIVOR. This strategy can only yield a winner or an error for you. Amanda’s game was right in the middle. She was not the most outspoken castaway in her group. In former Airai, between Amanda and Mika, Amanda was the follower. In New Korror, Amanda remained number 2 in terms of strength and power (next to Shaun, Marvin and Suzuki) and the most deserving to stay among the girls (Echo and Jef).

4) Amanda was not a threat.

If there’s a big threat in the final three, that was Justine. Justine played very well. She deserves the title but if she won, that could be predictable. It’s nearly like Roger Federer with several rough tests en route to Wimbledon title. For Amanda, her “intelligence” game was an average. Her social game was just in the right lines and luckily, she played her chances very well. During the final four, Amanda could have been the last member of the jury but she decided to side with Jef and that worked. Thanks Jef! Kudos for you too. Je’f’s game was not as solid as Amanda and Justine’s but she got lucky and drove her way into the finals. You see, luck is always a part of the game and you need to learn to use it as your last resort. Amanda got also lucky and yes, that cost her 4-3 votes over Justine.


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