Survivor Insights 45: Evil Russel Stays Alive

I was not feeling well while watching SURVIVOR SAMOA episode nine. My head was in great pain and I accidentally fell asleep after the Immunity Challenge. But I suddenly woke up during the last two votes in Tribal Council and whoa, Kelly took the cut.

“It was a bummer to see Kelly go, as she was a bit of an innocent bystander.  But when you’re playing the “quiet” game that can happen.

Coming into tribal council Galu was clearly cocky, but they damn sure did not leave with the same confidence.

When Russell stood up to play the idol once again, the reactions of Kelly, Dave, Monica and Laura were solid gold.

As I continued to read Russell votes, you could feel the Galu tribe growing anxious… wondering… whose name (from Galu) was going to come up on the parchment.

When Kelly saw her name, she knew it was over.

Goodbye dreads.  Loved having you and you will be missed, although I’m sure Erik is excited you’re sticking around to be on the jury.” Jeff Probst wrote on his blog.

Russel H Stays Alive

If there’s anyone in SURVIVOR who played like the Mentalist and a fortune teller, that would be Russel H. Russel, the great strategist. Russel, the manipulator. And he’s the first survivor who found the hidden immunity without a clue… TWICE!

I was amazed with Russel’s ability to analyze things around him. Finding what is hidden is like chewing a peanut to Russel. He went there, get around, look up the sky, scan through the trees, walk down the bridge and there you go, there was the hidden immunity idol once again and whoa, a kiss from Shambo. Sweet.

This time around, Russel played it for a purpose. It was in the right timing. Former Galu (Shambo, Brett, Dave, Monica, John and Kelly) voted for him, unfortunately, it was not his time to go. KUDOS for Russel once again. Whether he advance further in the game or not, he deserves a spot in the next SURVIVORS ALL-STARS.

Bottomline is, Kelly was blinsided. She was clueless about it and Shambo, with the help of Russel, created a plot against her.

The Reward Challenge

I enjoyed this episode’s reward challenge. Natalie completely thought Dave’s group was the underdog but things were not really as it seems. John, Kelly, Dave and Shambo carried pole filled with black and white coconuts like a cheetah. I just wondered why Kelly and Shambo were not given a chance to help. John carried the pole all by himself and Dave shouldered all the load.

It was a tight race between Team Dave and Team Mick. Dave helped his team reveal all the four numbers using the coconut poles and it boiled down to Laura and Monica.

Although Laura went up for her group, Monica (the 25-year-old law student from San Diego) did not put much-pressure on herself and success, Team Dave won.

Another Dark Horse or the One Next to Go?

Laura won this episode’s immunity challenge. She was behind Mick and Shambo during the second part of the challenge but she took a big step, solving the wall-puzzle-maze like a pro.

“Laura came through in a big way and clearly had no idea how desperately she needed immunity.  Had she not won, she would have been voted out and Kelly would still be in the game. (Jeff Probst)

Kelly’s RealityNewsOnline Interview

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