What’s The Ugly Truth?

Katherine Heigl does it again. Her latest romantic-comedy film, The Ugly Truth, was crazy. I watch it last night and I could not stop laughing. The most hilarious scene was the restaurant meeting. Abby, played by the 2007 Emmy’s Best Supporting Actress (Katherine Heigl), was wearing an underwear with vibrator inside. Accidentally, Abby could not find the vibrator’s remote control, which flew in the hands of a young kid sitting behind them.

Abby was in great pleasure while talking to her colleagues. Mike, the male chauvinist host of the show THE UGLY TRUTH as played by Gerard Butler, was sitting next to Abby and he’s the only person in the group who knew why Abby behaved uncomfortably.

That scene was really crazy. All I did was laugh and laugh even my stomach was already aching. Katherine Heigl nailed the CEVICHE scene. She really acted like a woman who was totally out of her comfort zones.

Critic Ratings:

It’s a bit upsetting this film received negative feedback from several boards of critics. Rotten Tomatoes only gave it 15% approval rate while the AV Club marked it a D.

That’s all right, The Ugly Truth was still a major success. Wikipedia reveals its gross revenue reached $104,863,190.

Personal Ratings & Insights:

I am not a big fan of romantic comedy films. The Ugly Truth is not the kind of film I regularly want to watch. This genre is not even in my top list of movies of all time. But, I am laughing my lungs out watching this movie and that alone deserves a nod. Although the script is not made for “Oscar’s Best Picture,” The Ugly Truth is still in its solid state and it echoes the events in real life.

Most people create set of rules when it comes to romantic love without understanding these rules only destroy the fluidity of a relationship. No matter how you justify it, love is probably the hardest algebraic expression that has no specific answer. Even the experts in psychology could not exactly explain its mysteries.

Love happens naturally. You can’t fight it no matter how painful it is and that’s the ugly truth.


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