Survivor Insights 40: First for Foa Foa

Before coming to Samoa, let me visit the events in Palau.

Marvin Kiefer was already ousted in SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES Season 2 and became the first member of the jury.

This strategic move was expected but I kept wondering why Marvin didn’t do anything to advanced further. No doubt, Marvin was a physical threat but it does not mean he couldn’t play a social game.

Back in SURVIVOR AFRICA, Ethan Zohn did not dominate the challenges but he did not receive any votes against him. He was a threat, yes but his techniques to escape the cut was working well and that’s the reason why he won it all.

That’s the biggest mistake in Marvin. His emotions devoured him. He chose to be alone than get back inside the camp, ask questions and let the numbers rescued his fate.


Galu ended their winning streak in the Immunity Challenge but that’s okay,

Monica survived the cut and her tribe chose to vote out Yasmin, who was helping out the least around their camp. (Photo: CBS)

But what kept me wondering was,

Jeff Probst was not around during the reward challenge played by only three castaways in each tribe.

What happened to Jeff?

I have read Probst’s blog in POPWATCH and this is what he said,

HOST-LESS CHALLENGE INSIGHT – We have talked about doing something like this for a long time. A challenge in which nobody is there. Nobody tells them anything. We just watch to see what they do. This was a major experiment. How would it work without having me there to moderate and oversee everything? And for the record, I wasn’t hiding in the bushes, “just in case.” When we commit, we commit. I was back in my tent reading an old copy of Rolling Stone. Poor Michael Jackson.

And as you saw, the host-less challenge worked so well CBS is probably figuring out how they can do a “Host –less Tribal Council” as well! Hope not. I have not yet paid off my mortgage.

-My reaction to this:

Geez, Jeff needs to come back. The challenge looks blank without him. Come back, Jeff P!

Yet, all went good. Dave won the game for Galu and they brought home the chickens.

While these three was gone for the challenge, Erik found the hidden immunity necklace at their camp.

That was cool. Immunities for Russel H. and Erik. What does this mean? Erik, with his educational background in Psychology and Sociology, could now play as The Mentalist and secure a position in the merge.

But Erik must not overestimate or underestimate Russel H. He’s playing a unbelievable social game.

All in all,

Deserving win for Foa Foa. Their time has came.

Do you think the momentum has shifted? I hope it’s not. I wanted Monica to stay. Galu FTW!

Yasmin’s RNO Interview

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