Survivor Insights 39: Survivor Philippines Season 2- Shaun Wins Immunity!

It all started with these;

“Ang tubig at lupa ay pinagtagpo.
Ang hangin at apoy, pinaghalo.
Matatalo mo kaya si Nardong Putik?
O si Dyesebel ba ang iyong tinik?”


Shaun, a public relations staff at Manila City Council Office and the only remaining castaway with a better-half, aced the very first individual “Fire, Land and Water” Immunity Challenge.

Shaun, the Hot Dad_1254997482275

Photo from: Survivor Philippines Official Blog

All kudos for him. The challenge was really tough and even Marvin had a hard time doing it. Jef got lucky at the start of the fire challenge and secure her spot in the next level, which is the mud pit.

Marvin did awesome in running and climbing the cargo net but luck didn’t side with him. Jef found the pouch first and assemble her paddle. Shaun followed through. It was really a tight race between the two.

Jef reached the water first and paddled her canoe. She was winning but her lack of knowledge in paddling upset her.

Shaun zoomed through, reaching the finish line and guaranteed a spot in the jury (if there is a jury of 7?).

After winning the immunity, Shaun didn’t still feel he was safe. He knew he was a target.

“Natuwa ako kasi first immunity sa akin. Ano yun e, parang masaya ka kasi nanalo ka. Ang nakakatakot noon, ano iyong iisipin noong siyam sa ‘yo? Papasok ka agad na, a malakas ka,”

That’s true. Alpha males were always on the chopping block from the very beginning. If you trace the history, only two alpha males in American edition (as I remember) survived the cut because they dominate the challenges. These were Colby Donaldson in SURVIVOR AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK and Terry Deitz in SURVIVOR PANAMA EXILE ISLAND.

Regularly, those alpha males were overconfident. Look what happened to Brendan Synott in SURVIVOR TOCANTINS. Instead of going far and ousting the Dragon Slayer of their tribe, he still chose not to play his hidden immunity necklace and totally submitted himself to vulnerability.

Here’s the thing;

If Shaun will not play the role of an overconfident competitor and choose to stay under the radar but still opening his eyes wide along the way, there is still a bigger chance.

Of course, those younger castaways can easily vote him off once he will not win the necklace next week. Yet, if he will keep the numbers at his side and win immunities at the crucial part of the game, Shaun can guarantee himself in the finals.

This is what JT did in TOCANTINS. He found refuge with Stephen and Taj. Down to four, JT was completely aware he was a threat and tried to escape the cut by winning two immunities in a row. His road to success was not easy to tell you. Paranoia was just everywhere.

That’s the bottomline. SURVIVOR is neither for the Brawny or the Mentalist. Shaun can find a way to combine those two elements at the right pace and at the right time.

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