Survivor Insights 38: Survivor Philippines Season 2- Sonsorol in Blue

This is unbelievable, folks. Usually, two or three castaways on my list are already out the competition before the merge  but now, it’s totally a different story.

Last night, Survivor Philippines Season 2  opens its second chapter and yes, all four of my pre-show bets and two out of four early wildcards round up the Sonsorol, their new tribe’s name.


  • Shaun
  • Marvin
  • Suzuki
  • Charles


  • Amanda
  • Jef
  • Echo
  • Tara
  • Mika
  • Justine (returnee)

As you see, Korror was unbeatable in Immunity Challenges. They (Shaun, Marvin, Suzuki, Amanda, Jeff and Echo) won four straight in a row. Korror’s teamwork was one of the bests in history. It’s incomparable as a matter of fact.

Folks, you can correct me if I am wrong with this fact but even in American version, no other tribe after a switch probably equals Korror achievements. Korror did every little thing they could to ace a challenge. Either in physical or mental aspect of the game, none of them quit or lose hope. Korror showed confidence and luckily, those fibers of luck always sided with them.

Although they were forced to change camps with Airai after the Exotic Food Immunity Challenge (2-2 for Korror and Airai but Echo won the last winning point for Korror), there was no shift in momentum.

Big thanks to Shaun, Marvin, Suzuki and Echo, Korror met no problems during the Underwater immunity Challenge that lasted for only a minute and thirty.

Korror, Korror, I made no mistake in calling them as the NEW and STRONGER tribe. You can click the link and read my post I wrote on September 11, 2009. Everything you read there was all my predictions, nothing more and you must know, reading spoilers was never part of my routine.


Everything changes now. It’s all an individual game. I watched the entire episode yesterday and Justine deserved to win her last duel against Cris. Her shelter looked unique and more welcoming. Kudos for Cris, no doubt ’bout that.  He also did great in creating the shelter and it’s a bit surprising, after castaways’ evaluation, the final score (322-181) was a landslide in favor for Justine.

Justine could be a strong but reserved member of Sonsorol. She upset six Airai and Korror castaways before guaranteeing a spot in the merge.








Tonight will be their first individual challenge. Whoever wins this challenge guarantees a spot into the jury or in other circumstances, ten of them will be the jury.

There are six women in Sonsorol and it’s possible for an all-girls’ alliance and oust the men, one by one. If this happens, my bets will be down to two.

But Amanda and Jef still needs Shaun to survive. Marvin and Suzuki are originally from Korror and there can be an All-Ex-Korror tribe again composing of Marvin, Suzuki, Echo, Tara, Charles and Justine. That’s six to ex-Airai four (Shaun, Amanda, Jef and Mika).

I don’t know but never belittle them. Those ex-Airai members are cunning. I am quite sure they can find a hole to strike through.

Basing on their performances, Marvin is undoubtedly the biggest threat. He is physically fit and has the mental firmness of Rafael Nadal. If things gone his way, he can easily dominate the individual challenges.

Yet, SURVIVOR is not only a game for the alpha males. One of those six women can win this season. Mika shows flexibility in the way she thinks and I consider it a threat. I just hope she will not wake up one day and oust Amanda.

Like I said before, Amanda is nearly like the Stephenie LaGrossa of this season. I am not sure if her decision-making skills are powerful enough to guarantee a spot in the finals. And yes, Amanda is polite and that scares me.

Too much courtesy is not a conduct to embrace with when you are playing the game of SURVIVOR.

Let me know what you think

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