Survivor Insights 37: Oust Ben!

What Events Stood Out?

Aras Baskauskas, the yoga instructor in Season 12’s Panama Exile Island, is back in the competition and they were four of them here in Samoa (Erik, Brett, Kelly and Laura).

Admit it, folks. Looking at the pictures below makes you realize doing yoga in SURVIVOR is a “beneficial bonding experience.” That’s how Erik called it.

But on the deep, the bonding was all strategy for Erik and kudos for you man, that technique might work. Just don’t overdo it.

And there’s also a Day Spa at Galu,

Not as brutal as last week, the immunity challenge was still about skin. Bikinis everywhere and I am happy Monica did the challenge. She showed some confidence while on the battlezone.

Cute girl turns


That’s the one thing I am waiting for her to do and yeah, even Erik, Brett, Yasmin and Shambo sat out for Galu, they still won the immunity.

But you couldn’t deny that it was a close fight.

Grey’s Anatomy on Samoa?

Shambo was sent in Foa Foa to sneak around. The funny moment was she nicknamed Mick as Dr. McDreamy, who was a resident anesthesiologist at UCLA in real life.

Now that there’s some slightest traces of confusions here, Mick needs to change hats and become a neurologist instead to fit the label.

And before I forget, where’s the “Meredith Grey” in Samoa? lol

Mick commented,

Ben says Goodbye

“I have no intention of quitting whatsoever, but I’m willing to do just about anything to get rid of that guy right now”

Those are words from Jaison. He wanted to oust Ben, even calling him “calling the cause of their tribe’s dysfunction.” Jaison was not swayed by Mick and Russell’s advice to gun for Ashley instead.

That’s it, Ben’s arrogance during the Tribal Council stunned his tribemates and KO him (6-1).

Ben in Reality News Online Interview

Ben’s Weaknesses: Too Upfront

“My strategy was to work hard around camp, which I was definitely the hardest worker without a doubt, and be direct and forward with people. I’m that way in my life. If I have a problem with somebody, I don’t talk behind their backs, I tell them. But every time I’d go up to somebody, they’d be like, “You’re attacking me,” even if I was just asking a question. It was funny how sensitive everybody was. It’s hard for somebody like me, I’m pretty raw, I give it to you straight.”

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