Survivor Insights 36: Double Screw-up for Foa Foa

Who Stands Out?

Jeff Probst fired back. He kicked out a castaway during an immunity  challenge for the first time and this castaway was not Russel H. but…

Personal chef, Mike, was sent home after the immunity challenge due to low blood pressure. This event is quite expected. He’s old and he needs rest. At his age (62), it’s better to be safe than feel sorry.

Taking Candy From A Baby ???

Yasmin of Galu talks a lot.

What she said when she’s in the Foa Foa camp was already out the line and honestly, those words might cost her BIGTIME.

“I’m here to help you guys strategize because, to me, I don’t like a not fair fight.  It’s almost like why be matched up with people that’s not matched up with the right people cause then it’s like taking candy from a baby,”

I don’t know with Yasmin. She’s already digging a grave for herself. In the game of survivor, talking a lot is not a sign of overconfidence. It only does mean you are on a chopping board really soon. Coach, back in SURVIVOR TOCANTINS, was just lucky to escape the boot and won an immunity necklace once.

Ben VS Yasmin

Thank God, Yasmin didn’t speak a world during the Tribal Council and just allowed Ben to talk proudly about himself.

and again,

Ben or Yasmin? My heart goes Galu. There are numerous interesting people there (Monica, Erik, Brett, Kelly, John) but I am afraid for Yasmin. The way she behaved in this episode was way out the standards and that’s not good.

KUDOS for Russel H, though! He’s the very first castaway to find the hidden immunity necklace without a clue.

How did he do it?

I do not know the answers but one thing for sure:

This man might be a real genius and a real threat, as well.

…Even more dangerous than those alpha males who can dominate the physical side of the game.

The “BRUTAL” Immunity Challenge

All praise for Galu. The big ten were still on the run, winning the immunity for the second time in a row. It’s difficult to shoot balls into opposing tribe’s basket while others maimed each other on a pit but thanks to John, Erik and Laura.

and… Galu Wins Immunity!

Watching this game made me realize: It pays to play basketball, folks!


Where’s Monica during this time?

Foa Foa Falls one more time!

For Foa Foa, Russel H. made another plan and get rid of his enemies. This week, Betsy, the policewoman who said that “Nice people can be Snakes,” took the fall.

Betsy’s RNO Interview


While the series of events get hotter at Samoa, MERGE is coming in Palau. The New and Stronger Korror won immunity three times in a row and this time, the season’s chickboy who also claimed to be the snake was sent home.

Louie was one of those castaways who was in good condition while the Survivor Philippines Season 2 premiered last August. He was originally in Korror Tribe but was transferred to Airai. Louie was competitive in challenges, quite an asset for his group but his aggressive approach on the game brought him down.

His group voted him out but Louie got another chance in Isla Purgatoryo. Yet, Louie blew his chances. He complains and he couldn’t control his thoughts. Justine overpowered Louie. The “snake” was sent home and Justine guaranteed herself another shot in the merge.

Congrats Justine!

One immunity challenge to go for Korror and Airai. Six members in Korror were strong compared to Airai’s four (Cris, Tara, Mika, Charles). But anything can happen. Let’s see and let’s wait.

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