Survivor Insights 34: Survivor Philippines Season 2- The New “Stronger” Korror

As of this writing, expect that Carol (former Korror) and Maya (former Airai) were no longer in the competition and Justine was still with Jumbo in Isla Purgatoryo. Last Monday, a tribe switch occurred and a new “stronger” Korror was formed, consisting of the six charismatic and competitive castaways to date (Shaun, Marvin, Suzuki, Echo, Jef and Amanda). This is like a dream team, lol.

New Korror’s Strength and Weaknesses

Shaun somewhat played the father role of the tribe, just like Tom Westman in Season 10 (US edition). Playing the father role to Marvin, who deserved to be called as the “Rafael Nadal” of this season. Just like the King of Clay, Marvin was playing 100% in every step of the game. He’s not losing a single moment. Yes, Shaun and Marvin are big threats but do you still remember what Ozzy Lusth and Colby Donaldson did in SURVIVOR COOK ISLANDS and AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK? If Shaun and Marvin can copy those techniques to success, they can advance.

Suzuki was consistently doing good in the game. Just there, making grounds and he’s not a threat. Yet, if he remains to be overconfident about his position in the game, Suzuki might be vulnerable. Suzuki probably needs someone to ensure his stay in game like JT-Stephen in SURVIVOR TOCANTINS. Jef is oozing with appeal (almost the Sierra Reed of this season) but her physical weakness troubles the tribe. If the New Korror loss an immunity challenge and Jef couldn’t level up her strategic game, she could easily be in the chopping board.

The one castaway that stands out the most this season is Echo. Echo was not included in my first-impression-bets but the way she speaks and behaves in front of the camera, she’s getting my attention. Of course, there’s Amanda. The first time I read Amanda’s profile, she immediately reminded me of Stephenie LaGrossa. And I was not wrong, Amanda showed great confidence in challenges. She’s an all-around competitor with a beautiful face.

1-1 for the New Koror

The New Airai outplayed the New Korror in their swimming reward challenge but Korror stayed positive and won the immunity challenge.

“Six castaways are to be confined inside a steel cage as they search for the six rai stones inside the forest. Rai stones are giant limestones with holes in the center which served as money in ancient Palau. The castaways must get the six rai stones located or hidden near six bai posts. Bais are the meeting houses of elders. There are hooks on the cage where the castaways could attach the rai stones. Once they have found all the stones, they must go to their respective tribe mats where they should place all the stones on a weighing scale. From the contraption, they will be able to secure the key to be used to unlock the four padlocks on their cage. Once the castaways are set free, they must run back to the starting base.  Whoever gets there first wins the immunity idol and a little token of love (Survivor Philippines GMA Blog).”

Team work, mental power, precision in playing the game, the New Korror still got it but do they have the consistency to win? That’s the question to be answered in the next episodes.

5 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 34: Survivor Philippines Season 2- The New “Stronger” Korror

  1. Go Koror! Go Marvin! 😀 Anyways, I will try my hardest to write my own review but it would certainly be impossible to post updated blogs on each episode. But I’ll try to, for the sake of Marvin LOL


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