Survivor Insights 31: Survivor Philippines Season 2 Pilot Episode

The setting was in Palau. All sixteen castaways were in and were divided into two, Airai and Korror.

The oldest castaways, Cris (39) and Carol (45), selected their tribemates. What awesome about it was, Amanda and Jef were in Airai while Suzuki and Marvin belonged to Korror. These four first impression bets got all the airtime they need and clearly the eyecandies of this season. Marvin already created an alliance with Louie and I was not 100% sure if they bring Suzuki into it.

And yeah, this season’s opening credit was better than last year. The overall editing was good but I disliked the commercial breaks. Paolo Bediones did great (just a little tight in the introduction when he said: “39 days, 16 castaways, 1 Pinoy sole survivor) in hosting but couldn’t deny the fact I was like watching a short action-packed tennis clip with numerous double faults in service.

Come on GMA 7, the people deserved more than that. Transfer the show to an earlier timeslot and cut all the breaks that devour the entire substance and quality of the episode. I can’t make a promise I can still watch this season five days a week. However, I see to it I’ll be on GMA Official Blog to get the freshest bites.

2 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 31: Survivor Philippines Season 2 Pilot Episode

  1. great job dean! I have to agree, GMA must find a way to move the timeslot earlier since I missed the second episode due to the exact same reason. At around 9pm, my body clock is already screaming for rest and if I can’t find a way to overcome that, then I’d probably be missing out on a lot. However, there seems to be a challenge tonight, so I’d definitely have to find a way to overcome my being a sleepyhead cause I won’t forgive myself if I missed that.

    And yeah, I like you for liking Marvin. lol


  2. Yes Abby. It’s like a mortal crime to miss the first reward challenge tonight and the first immunity challenge tomorrow night. I expected you also like Marvin for some reasons different from mine. LOL! Marvin is the youngest castaway this season and yeah, it’s interesting to see if he goes far and make it to the final four with Amanda, Jef and Suzuki. Haha, I wonder if my predictions will happen. Even two out of my four bets makes it to the finals, it’s cool.

    This reason rocks! They are learning!


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