Survivor Philippines Season 2 Starts Tonight

At Last, it’s back! Survivor Philippines premieres tonight at GMA 7. For the last two weeks, I am trying to research the castaways’ biography and I found nothing. But earlier this day, I found them and yeah, it is once again a new group with interesting and unique personalities. This season somewhat reminds me of Survivor Australian Outback.

It is risky to pick an earlier bets without watching the pilot episode but it’s fine. This is the type of game I am taking the risks. In the first season, two of my first impression bets made it to the jury (Kay Alipio) and JC Tiuseco, who won the title.

Enough for talks now. I am picking the bets.

Let’s start with,

amanda1The Probinsyanang Pinay

Her name is Amanda Colley Van Cooll, 25-year-old and a construction worker from Mindoro. I admire her when she said,

“Survivor ako dahil bilang isang construction worker sa mundo ng mga lalaki, kinakaya at ginagawa ko ang trabaho, enjoy ko pa!”

Next is,

The Japinoy Hunksuzuki1

Suzuki Sadatsugu is a 21-year-old student and a model who reside in Japan for eighteen years. This castaway is probably a threat but he can still ace the competition if he uses his words in actions. He says,

“Survivor ako kasi kahit malayo ako sa parents ko, kaya kong labanan ang lahat ng challenges sa buhay ko… kahit hindi lahat ng tao, naiintindihan ako, sinisigurado ko bago matapos ang araw ay nakilala ko sila at nakilala rin nila ako at naiintindihan ang pagkatao ko.”

Then there’s,

jef1The Girl Next Door

Jef Gaitan is her name. She’s 22 and a print/commercial model. She may be an easy target but let’s see if this beautiful girl convert her overt charms into something that saves her skin. Until now, I’m still in fence with (but I’m firmly taking the risks, hehehe) what she says,

“I’m a real Survivor because I survived on my own in real life. I took the risk to be independent at a very young age. I survived growing up in the city alone. I became a parent to myself and a teenager at the same time.”

Lastly, here stands

The Ultimimate Crushmarvin1

He is Marvin Kiefer, an energy-driven 18-year-old model who lives in Cagayan De Oro and the youngest castaway in the group. Before selected to compete in Survivor Philippines, this Swiss-Filipino teenager prepares himself before coming to competition by reading psychology books. Of course, psychology books are great reads to outwit and outlast the zigzag twists and turns of Survivor. What is not clear to me is when he says,

“I’m a Survivor because at any time of any day with just my backpack in hand, I am ready to go anywhere in the world.”

There are numerous wildcards in the group. People that seem quiet but still have 50-50 chance of advancing in the game. The following castaways might make an impression.

Charles De Vera Fernandez

Maya Segovia

Shaun Rodriguez

Carol Gementiza

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