Making Decisions

We make decisions everyday. Either it’s small or big decision, it’s still a decision we need to act upon. In fact, no one is perfect in terms of decision making. Every decision we need, we should and we can face have its own sets of consequences and limitations. Probably, there’s no bad decisions, only the better one. Agree with me or not, making decisions is sometimes easy but most of the time, it’s exhausting.

It’s a nice thing to have someone like Bishop T.D. Jakes. He is the author of the bestselling book “Making Great Decisions,” an inspiring book that teaches you “how to reflect, discern, and decide the next step to take to have a strong and enduring love, marriage, and family (Before You Do).”

To T.D. Jakes, there are five crucial points in decision-making. These are:

  • Research: gathering information and collecting data
  • Roadwork: removing obstacles and clearing the path
  • Rewards: listing choices and imagining their consequences
  • Revelation: narrowing your options and making your selection
  • Rearview: looking back and adjusting as necessary to stay on course

Making decisions can be something worthwhile if you regularly use these five steps in your everyday life.

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