Detecting Poor Self-esteem

Self-esteem is an important aspect of life. It is like a vessel that keeps you going on with the ups and downs of life. To tell you the truth, it is very impossible to have a meaningful life without boosting the level of your self-esteem.

How will you know if you are suffering from poor self-esteem? Before I will answer that question, let me define what is self-esteem.

Basically, self-esteem refers to the value of respect you award to yourself. This is also about your feelings and opinions on how you will evaluate yourself in the world. In fact, your self-esteem comes in several levels. It might be high, healthy, low or drastically low.

Now, if you don’t value yourself that much and you tend to patronize your abilities, there’s no need for you to doubt that you tend to have a poor self-esteem. Having a poor self-esteem is as similar as drinking a poison. You are living in a topsy-turvy world and whatever you do, you feel worthless.

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