Survivor Insights 29: “The Warrior and The Wizard”

SURVIVOR: TOCANTINSSurvivor Tocantins ended well and it’s JT, the twenty-four-year-old cattle rancher from Alabama, who took home the $1,100,000 and the title of Sole Survivor. During the finale episode, JT was clearly in the hot seat. Taj, Erinn and Stephen wanted to oust him immediately if he couldn’t win the necklace. However, things were in the right places for JT. He won two immunity challenges in a row, definitely making him the immunity king of this season.

The “Tarantula” Immunity Challenge was a test of speed and patience for the final four. JT and Stephen aced the running-and-crawling part as expected but Taj and Erinn sizzled the board just in time. Erinn was really in her comfort zone when dealing with puzzles. From a mile apart behind, Erinn and JT were in a tight race to the finish line. Too close for Erinn, all luck and magic still sided with JT.

Ousting Taj was the last and shocking blindside of the season. Her biggest mistake was sticking with her former Jalapao boys. I knew she considered siding with Erinn but according to her RNO Interview, Taj had trust-issues with Erinn.

Just like a puff, my top three early picks was realized, Erinn, Stephen and JT.SURVIVOR: TOCANTINS Seeing them outplay each other during Immunity Challenge reminded me of young Albert Einsteins in front of their chemistry laboratory toys. That was a tough Final 3 Challenge to date that requires timing, dexterity, speed and mental focus. Of the three, JT clearly got the advantage. His hand was consistently in the right position in catching the ball and returning it in the hole.

The Final 3 Tribal Council was the smartest and the most-intense I’d ever watched in history. It’s satisfying to see and listen to Erinn, Stephen and JT. None of their arguments were like the alphabet and the obvious. Stephen was the most eloquent as expected but nervous. Erinn was fighting hard and of course, the hardest decision was put on JT.

I appreciated JT’s decision not to blindside his best friend. JT proved friendship is not worth a million dollars even in the game of SURVIVOR. Even it hurts a little to see her go, it’s okay. Erinn was in fact the last Timbira to survive and the last member of the jury. Read her RNO Interview with David Bloomberg.

The Warrior and The Wizard

It’s still quite a surprise no one voted for Stephen. Stephen did awesome during the Q&A. Most of his arguments were revealing and he admitted in his RNO Interview he was nervous during the five-hour Tribal Council. Stephen also expected the jury didn’t felt the authenticity in his answers. His arguments were all “Brains” that’s why; he got zero votes. If only he answered the questions spontaneously and with a “Heart” like what JT did, Stephen might be gettin’ 2 or 3 votes.

Truth is, JT’s strongest suit was his superb ability to juggle “Brains” and “Heart” in his delivery. Even not vocal as Stephen or Erinn, JT still got an indescribable charisma (stronger than Taj) to convince people. When he said: “I’m feeling like a fool, man” this was probably his winning statement. For this, all cheers to JT and really, it still pays to be the warrior!

Link to JT’s interview with David Bloomerg, RealityNewsOnline and the red carpet final 4 interviews.

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