Survivor Insights 28: Here Comes the Final 4

Fantastico! Three of my early-picks and a wildcard favorite are in the finals and this is the finale I’ve been waiting for since season twelve at Panama Exile Islands.

It’s quite unexpected Erinn and JT made this far. Erinn was the underdog from the start and as an outcast most of the time, Erinn had various lows and highs. She’s left in the wilderness without any concrete alliances and her social game was purely under-the-radar. Yet, she remained to be a fighter by keeping the numbers on her side and the whole game changed when Erinn joined forces with JT, Stephen and Taj to oust the two biggest threats, Brendan and Tyson.

JT emerged as the leader of the Jalapao Tribe and aced the game by establishing a stronger pact with Stephen. This best-friends-alliance was JT’s strongest suit and kept him safe during the merge till the final four. The only downslide was JT’s chances of winning this game was fairly slim. JT’s likeable, he’s a man of his words and with him, winning back-to-back challenges this 13th episode might surface him as a big threat.

Stephen was undeniably the social “genius” of the season. He was not afraid to zig and zag. His dangerous weapon was his consistent ability to think a plan then stretch it in any possible way and execute the plan with a big drive. Stephen’s clearly not as robust as Brendan, Tyson or JT but his analytical mind worked 24/7.

Taj… Taj… Taj… She’s also a social competitor and everyone liked him and there’s only one thing that kept me in doubts. Taj’s solid trust to JT and Stephen was her weakness. She could easily be blinsided without her knowing it.

Geez, I nearly forgot talking about someone. The someone that made this season a legendary one and this was all because of Coach. He tried his best to save his skin but all went futile. Stephen broke his alliances with JT for the first time and oust him (3-2).

Like season 12 in Panama Exile Island, Coach Wade was like Shane Powers. Coach was a shot-stealer and his stay at Exile Island was in fact the longest Exile-airtime I’d seen of this season. The wide and red-dirt surface became Coach’s best friend. He meditated, reflect and even created a Dragon Cane in his own.

Wow, I never heard of a Dragon Slayer with a cane. Truthfully, a Dragon Slayer should have a sword, not a cane (hehehe). Yet, I was impressed with Coach during the immunity challenge. Of the heat, hunger and thirst he endured while on Exile, he still on his foot coming second to JT but I couldn’t still deny Coach consistently behaved like a mythical jingo. Read his interview with RNO David Bloomberg.

The final four could be unpredictable with Coach on board but it’s a better four without him. Seeing this season’s final four was beyond incredible and couldn’t stop comparing it to season 12’s finale. The only unclear aspect is who’s this season’s version of Aras Baskauskas or will another Danielle DiLorenzo smash her way to victory?

Let me know what you think

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