It’s R&B vs Rock!

Hooray! The R&B dude of American Idol Season Eight is still on the run and his name is Kris Allen. No offense to Danny Gokey. Gokey also has a nice soulful spins in his voice but the overall style of Kris Allen is way different than him. Apart from singing, Allen plays piano and guitar so well and his songs-choice are mostly his aces. His acoustic version of Kanye West’s “Heartless” is certainly one of the spectacular moments of the season. Even Randy Jackson admitted Allen’s version is better than the original.

With all my respect, Adam Lambert is also good. His spin he puts in his songs is his strongest suit and I think that’s the reason why several people like him. Although addicted to R&B, Lambert’s version of “Mad Word” is remarkably one of his bests. The only problem is, rock is really not my niche.

Kris Allen or Adam Lambert, it doesn’t matter who will win. These two deserves to be in the finals and they are both rising stars in their own genres. Kris Allen entered the Final 13 as a survivor and unlike Lambert, he’s not a clear-cut favorite. But today, it’s all a new story. By any means, Allen is the sum of Annop Desai + Matt Giraud and there’s probably no reason why he can’t get a good run in the commercial world after the competition.

Let me know what you think

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