Something I Must Do

Writing is like Tennis...serving needs accuracy!

I understand how a human mind thinks. I can analyze how a man behaves and for this, there’s no reason why I can’t get the correct solution to my writing problem. Right now, the problem with me is my chronic writing puzzlement and I think it’s serious.

Sounds crazy isn’t it? But really, I need some help here. When it comes to writing articles, the output of my article is regularly in extremes. It’s either the style is too tight or it’s too lose.

In one word, the problem is inconsistency. I put more weight on overthinking the topic and this can cause me to regularly loss my rhythm and timing, especially when the topic is not my field of interest.

There are also uncontrolled variables that affect my concentration to write. These are (allow me to explain the factor in first-person perspective):


The temperature of the room affects your concentration. When the room is too warm, I feel ideas are melting inside my brain and when the room is too cold, the ideas are like in a hold. There are also times I experience writer’s block and I don’t exactly know why.


The way I sit, the distance between I and the keyboard and how well I position my hands on the keyboard also affects my concentration to write.

*Unaware of being hungry

*Unaware of being thirsty

*Not inhaling and exhaling properly

When I am engrossed with what I’m writing, I have the tendency to forget everything around me. I might simply realize my throat gone dry.

*** *** ***

The best way for me to write smoothly is to get myself into the background. For instance, if my topic is about “hair loss in men,” then I must not be afraid to think how will I sprinkle some spins on the topic to make it more interesting. Do I need to give each paragraph an ace or should I remain in the baseline and just give the basic W’s and H? How I am going to volley the ideas from one point to another? Am I going to hit it with a straight forehand or a smash?

Every writing approach has flaws. The unforced errors I commit are inevitable and for this, I need to stop and think. That’s the magic trick. I need to well-structure the ideas coming out of my brain system. Writing is, anyway, like tennis. I simply need to be consistently with my tone.

Let me know what you think

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