What’s Wrong With My Style?

Every writing style is unique. There are those who write with perfect tone and balance like Mr. Wikipedia and there are those who write with no balance at all. In my case, my approach is usually inconsistent.

Once I am not familiar with the topic, I easily get intimidated. I immediately ask myself what will I write and how I am going to structure the article without stopping for a while and simply read the facts related to the subject matter.

I also have the tendency to get scared of number of words. When someone asks me to write 700-word-article, I tend to overthink the subject matter and can’t exactly understand why I can’t put my ideas in a straightforward manner.

What’s really with me? That’s the question I really need to ask myself. I love to write but why my writing style is out the perimeter?

Perhaps, it’s because of…

Too tight and too Loose

There are times that I look a certain topic as a delicate stuff that is breakable. I usually don’t know what to do with them. I’m aware how to start a paragraph but not entirely satisfied with the way I structured my vocabularies. It appears I’m informing something but not truly getting there.

Sometimes, I get confused with telling the facts from expressing my own opinions. There are also times I get clumsy and without knowing it, the consistency of the ideas are just everywhere .

Flat Approach

If I’m going to describe my writing style in one word, that will be “flat.” There are some moments when I can’t find my inspiration to write and I completely find it hard to connect sentences in a paragraph.

Can I really survive this? Rules say, “you must write with noun and verbs.” The problem with me is I always forget to apply this rule in my writings. I regularly make things complicated. I add unnecessary words like “Considering the fact that” instead of “since.” I’m oftentimes stuck with cliches than saying things in a more appropriate tone. I am also has the tendency to become too smart. I sprinkle sentences with set of words that are irrelevant to use.

Getting forward, not backward

Yeah, writing is really difficult even it’s your passion. Even when you do it the day you turned seven, it’s still hard. Apart from the usual grammars and punctuations, there’s still more beyond these two. And now, my problem is “word phrasing.”

Perhaps, word phrasing is all about control. When you have no something so nice to write, the phrasing of words and sentences seems so small for you and when you have various ideas in your mind, the phrasing is too big to handle.

Just hoping it’s not too late for me to learn. I simply want my groove back and in order to do that, I need to read, read, read and practice what I have learned. Most importantly, only time can tell when I can get by.

Anything else I forget?

Let me know what you think

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