Survivor Insights 27: Emotional Taj

The stand-out character of this 12th episode was Taj. She really got in touch with her deepest emotions during the Auction Reward Challenge. She even pulled Jeff Probst’s sleeve while screaming, “SEE-YOU-BACK-AT-CAMP!

No wonder, Taj missed her Eddie George. She really was. Eddie George was her rock, her weakness. Their stay at the “red-orange” Exile Island was too intimate. They were the perfect combination and don’t forget, they’re both rich and popular.

Back at camp, the remaining five also enjoyed happy and emotional moments with their loved ones. Stephen with his bro, JT with his sis, Debbie’s with her husband, Erinn with her dad and of course, the assistant coach of the Dragon Slayer. Their stretching routines were really funny and Coach even emphasized it as “not a a weird sexual position” (it’s a wonder why he thinks that way, lol) but seriously, the routines were sort of therapeutic, I want to try it! I saw some professional tennis players do that.

Last week’s episode’s was no different from this week’s, JT and Stephen were still rolling the game at their hands. JT was doing the “impression management technique” to Coach and I like it. That was a brilliant social strategy JT. He learned to say things what Coach wanted to hear from him but JT chose not to believe a single of it.

Stephen did unbelievable. He’s truly the brain of this season. He was like Professor X who can control other minds. Stephen liked Debbie and he admitted to that. Debbie’s the hardworker, Debbie’s the mom and Debbie’s likeable but Stephen still not buy it. He immediately sensed Debb’s stay in the game was becoming a threat than an asset. So, he, JT, Taj and Erinn joined forces to oust Debb. (her RNO Interview)

Debb came in as a “sandwich” player. She’s a nobody but the shadow between Tyson and Coach. Yet, she decided to level up her game during the merge and even outplaying Sierra in winning the coveted immunity necklace. What’s scariest about Debb was not her performance in challenges but it’s the way she socially played her game as a whole. If Erinn was playing it in an under-the-radar approach, Debb’s playing it with a touch of passion bang in front of your face.

I almost forgot…. if there’s anything so unforgettable in this episode, it was Stephen’s triumph in IC. Wow, he was beyond great that moment. He was clearly struggling at first. The editing showed he fell in the balancing beam three times and returned in the “math equation” table so late.

Surprisingly, Stephen recalled mathematics symbols like a breeze and won. Hmmmmm, just wonderin’ if the answer is really 1, they didn’t apply the so-called “My-Dear-Aunt-Sally” formula. But who really cares? Stephen’s still aced it. The main objective of the challenge was to recall things in correct order and not make things complicated like algebra.

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