Survivor Insights 26: Liars Liars Liars

Whoa, he won an immunity necklace! He spoke like a philosopher. He even got the nerve to extract a quote from the Holy Bible. What’s he really up to? Coach The Dragon Slayer or Coach The Saint of the season? Wow, it’s surprising to see what was once a cockroach in past challenges is still alive and now, a big liar.

Not really a big surprise for a man like him. He behaved like a narcissist chauvinist from the start. When Brendan got blindsided, he once believed he’s in a total control of the game when in fact it’s Tyson. Really funny for Coach. His strategy to twist a number of events in front of Sierra, JT, Stephen, Taj and Erinn was too flat. What he’s thinking then? Did he forget that no one played a too righteous game in SURVIVOR?

Yes, a lie is a lie and no one really cares about Coach’s lie.

As for Sierra, I didn’t think it’s her time to go. I appreciated her efforts to fight for her dear life but the strategy was not really a full-force. She could have stayed longer when she secured a solid alliance with Erinn, JT, Stephen and Taj. (you can read her interview in RealityNewsOnline)

Her biggest downfall was her emotions. She couldn’t control it the way it supposed to be. Last week, she didn’t establish any connections and now, she’s too righteous just to prove her loyalty sided with former Jalapao members. There’s really nothing wrong with it, the blame of her boot can be partially blamed to JT and Stephen.

These two buddies were undeniably smart. Notice how they changed their decision? They should have gun for Debb but they down Sierra at the final minute without Taj on board. Because of this see-saw decision they did, I seem to notice they’re now on complete charge of the game.

Truth of the matter was: Stephen and JT were clearly successful together ousting three Timbira’s members in straight rows.

This week’s reward was superbly nice but the “consensus” challenge was not. This challenge exists in every season and the only purpose was to detect who’s safe and who’s on the least-love. It’s surprising Stephen didn’t get any whack and emerged as the winner.

Although Stephen, JT and Taj enjoyed their feast, I was a little worried with Erinn. Her weak return from Exile Island with Stephen offering her the red sweater then Erinn voting for him during the TC left me in odds. Last week, I was feeling confident of Erinn’s safety but now, the 60-40 percentage of stay was thinning, 51-49.

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