Survivor Insights 25: Sierra’s Outburst

This episode was an emotional rollercoaster for Sierra. Always Sierra, the crying Sierra, the brokenhearted Sierra, the Sierra talking to having-the-tendency to be narcissist Coach and the surprised Sierra at the Tribal Council.

Such a nice thing Sierra was not voted out. Even he’s chauvinist, I liked the way Tyson played the game. His devilish plan was all in order last week but things happened unexpectedly, he needed to go and simply be in the jury’s seat during the finale in May 🙂 🙂 🙂

Various reviews said Tyson’s boot was the biggest blindside in SURVIVOR HISTORY. I agree. Tyson was a no joke competitor. He won two consecutive immunities in a row. He nearly won this week’s IC but the last fiber of luck didn’t side with him. Sierra knocked him off.

So close call for Sierra! Watching Debbie zoomed the board reminded me of Ana Ivanovic’s first-set match against Vera Zvonareva in 2009 Indian Wells Finale. Too near and almost there!

Talking about the IC, it was a repeat, right? Did Jenna Morasca win same challenge in Amazon? Or is it in other seasons? Looks like I’m having amnesia now. hehehe….

The Immunity Challenge was clearly not only to Tyson’s favor. If Tyson aced it again and he along with the warrior alliance voted Sierra out, it was again one of those predictable phases in SURVIVOR, just like in Season 5. Thank God— there’s still Erinn, Stephen & Taj and they decided to turn the table upside-down!

With them planning to oust Tyson, it looked like Stephen become a power player now. He’s apparently not a real physical threat like Brendan, Tyson and JT but wow, he was completely playing a superb social game. I might be biased with Timbira– but for now, it would be so nice to have Stephen and JT on the finals.

Before I forgot, the reward challenge was truly awesome! The Red Team (Erinn, Debb, Tyson & JT) worked hand-in-hand on their way to victory. Quite sad for Erinn for puking while on the feast but it’s okay, Erinn was still HOT.

Erinn became HOTTER when she sided with Taj and Stephen. This strategy was two thumbs up. She also got plenty of airtime this week, NICE!!!

Still sexy while puking
Still sexy while puking

***** ***** *****

Back with Tyson now. I read his interview in Reality News Online and it was pretty funny. I agree with David Bloomberg, chat interview’s not enough to grab Tyson in the eye. The man is mysterious and no matter how you perceived him, Tyson is still a BIG NAME in SURVIVOR.

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