Anoop Who?

The Anoop Dogg bid goodbye last night and it’s quite odd to believe he was a big wild card before and now, no one voted for him to stay longer in the competition. As you can see, I am addicted to R&B and ideally, there’s no perfect final-three than Annop Desai, Kris Allen and Matt Giraud.

Yet, it was Anoop who got the first boot in my frontrunner list. Until now, I don’t understand why Anoop step in the competition as the “GIANT THREAT” but as the final twelve showdown rolled on, Anoop’s star-quality was diminishing.

Remember his version of ANGEL OF MINE? The moment he sang it in the centerstage, I was all the way rooting for him. Thank God, Anoop sang Bobby Brown’s Classic “MY PREROGATIVE” and Simon Cowell reserved a spot for him in the Top 13.

I’m aware he’s not the most impressive singer in the competition. In fact, Matt Giraud is a better R&B dude than him. Kris Allen picks the better song than him. The best thing about Anoop is his voice with a slice of a sweet soul. During their country theme, I was in fence with Kris Allen’s To Make You Feel MyLove & Anoop’s Always on My Mind.

Both performances were remarkably impressive. Kris and Anoop bombed down me with their classic interpretation of the song but there’s an other side of me that couldn’t stop comparing Anoop’s performance to Fantasia Barrino’s version. And yeah, if I was in the position to rank the two performances, Kris Allen got the top spot, Anoop’s only at number two.

The worst performance of Anoop was “Caught Up.” Hey, I was a huge supporter of Usher since high school, got all his albums in my CD rack and I say, Anoop’s “Caught Up” live performance was like a lost in translation. Though the studio version sounded a little nicer 🙂

Of all Usher’s songs, I didn’t get why Anoop decided to pick “Caught Up.” Usher got various gigantic singles. He aced every commercial single that peak the Chart. But it’s a different story for “Caught Up,” the single was perceived to be one of the weakest single in Confession and it didn’t reach the peak of US R&B Billboard Chart. If only Anoop sang Usher’s “Burn,” “Nice & Slow,” or “Superstar,” I was immediately in Internet Superhighway, downloading the song in iTunes.

Truth is; the quality of Anoop’s voice is more of a soul than hiphop. Kara DioGuardi gets it right when she thought Anoop was in his “place” when he spins a pop song with his soulful vibes.

That’s right! There were times Anoop got flat when he’s trying to knock a hiphop song. Perhaps, Anoop’s style at the moment is more like of Ne-yo than Usher. So sad I will not see him again to perform “So Sick.”

His last performance “Dim All the Lights” was OK. Perhaps, if he sprinkled it with Matt Giraud R&B feel and Kris Allen’s Soul, the song can be livelier and unforgettable.

I don’t know what future holds for Anoop Dogg but I still hope for the best for him!

Perhaps, he needs some vocal coach to  jazz up his talent. He can sing well and he has the R&B charm. What Anoop needs is FULL FORCE. Anoop needs to rock the boat like a roaring lion. If he gets this style, no doubt– I will see him reaching the peak of US Billboard Chart just like Usher, Ne-yo, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson.

Let me know what you think

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