Survivor Insights 23: The Dragon Slayer of FORZA

The unexpected-in-some-cases-expected pulled out of Joe Dowdle from the game due to staph infection didn’t make a big impact on the game’s overall dynamics. The first reason was, he didn’t cemented any strategic decisions to stay in the game. It had been said he made some politic connections with Sydney and Spencer but nothing happened, the connection was loose. Second, if things gone the other way and he brought back in the game after the medical treatment, Joe could still have a hard time entering the circulation. He’s into the game but his level of competitiveness to be in the game was not widely recognized.

As the two tribes merged while listening to their left and right schemes, plots and talks, this episode was truly one of those nerve-cracking moments in SURVIVOR History. I didn’t know who exactly to believe and what to believe.

There’s Coach who I want to congratulate for coming up an awesome name for the merge tribe. FORZA sounded firm and tough. He said FORZA was a Portuguese term for “strength.” Yes, for once he was right and he seemed to believe he’s sitting in a brilliant position, miles better than the four-trans-alliance.

The truth is; Coach was just a victim. The leader of his pack was Tyson, nothing more. I don’t know how successful Tyson was in siding with Stephen and JT. You see, Stephen had also 60-40 solid connections with Taj, Sierra and Brendan, and now he’s with Tyson-Coach and Deborah. Confusing, really!

The disappointing part of this was why Stephen allowed Tyson’s gameplan to roll in his fingers when Stephen got a better call when he’s with his trans-alliance with JT as the backup (2 + 1 backup for Jalapao to 2 for Timbira compared to Tyson’s 3 Timbira to 2 Jalapao) . When Stephen sided with Tyson, his stay in the game could be in a mess. His chances of staying in the circulation went from 95% to 30%.

Stephen played the role of a “Thinker” this season. I salute the way he pushed his plans on board but in this episode, some of his emotions swallowed him. If he pulled the wrong fiber at any moment, all could possibly go wrong.

Winning the first individual immunity necklace made Tyson a powerful dark horse to bank on. I might not a big supporter of him and Coach together but heck, Tyson’s strategy can stir this season with a loud bang. Whether a depressing bang, a sweet bang, a devilish plan, you might hate him or not… that’s still Tyson.

Let’s watch his awesome display in hanging-pole immunity challenge as narrated by Joe.

There’s hundreds of questions in our minds and most of us can’t wait to see whose side wins next episode, is it Brendan’s trans-alliance? Or the Coach-Tyson Dragon Slayer’s Gameplan? Whatever plan reigns, where’s Erinn to all these plans? She’s moving forward in the game without a clear-cut alliance.

Take a look at the picture below. Erinn used her “devilish grin” as what Coach called it and surely, this smile left you in fence.

Erinn and Brendan again :)
Erinn and Brendan again 🙂

I’m now looking forward to watching the next episode and before I forget, it was confirmed in Joe’s RNO interview he was not part of the jury. This might mean, seven of them will make the jury and looks like, a Final-Two-Showdown rocks the boat once again.


where are they going?
where are they going?

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