Survivor Insights 22: Timbira Eating Charcoal

Perhaps, the one little thing I didn’t like in this latest episode of SURVIVOR TOCANTINS was when Sydney Wheeler was voted off. After two weeks of not watching a fresh episode, I miss the people in Tocantins especially my early-pick favorites and that includes Sydney.

While reading her exit interview in RNO, this Survivor Babe revealed she felt suck when everyone tagged her as “the flirt.” Hey Syd, it’s okay to be a flirt. The flirting strategy adds more color to this season and I’m sure Sydney will be unforgettable of what she did.

The level of Sydney’s paranoia was high upon arriving from Tribal Council. If only she did use the paranoia to her great advantage, she could extend her stay. How about combining paranoia + flirt? Parvati Shallow did it nicely in Micronesia and Amber Brkich mastered it in All-Stars, why not Sydney?

Another strategy that could save her was Joe’s supposed to be four-way-alliance with JT and Stephen. Yet, all things came to an end. Sydney didn’t roll the best strategy in her fingers and allowed Taj, Stephen and JT to devour her.

Oh yeah, have I said that the most stand-out event in this episode was the back-to-back win of Timbira? At last, the rhythm and momentum was back at their side. The “throwing-ceramic-over-an-impenetrable-barricade” reward challenge was difficult in some ways.

Timbira’s triumph should be awarded to Brendan, Tyson and of course, the Coach himself. Yes, for the first time, Coach leveled up his game. Catching the ceramic with a large barricade in front of you was something worth a merit.

Did the charcoal-like beans help him get to vibes he needs during the challenge? LOL

Sad for Erinn though and she didn’t participate in the Waterfalls-Feast. When Joe picked her, Joe was clearly using his charms to move ahead in the game. just use it wisely, Joe! The flirting going on while their stay at Exile might not be enough for Erinn to be on Joe’s side.

The immunity challenge was also a blast. The level of excitement was not like the net-catching challenge when JT loss his teeth but the hard-pumping drives were still present in this challenge. Tyson put his tribe on board by blasting all three tiles before JT did.

Brendan and Erinn were again awesome in solving the puzzle. What with these two and they get more better when they were together in challenges? Just noticing Brendan and Erinn were regularly and tightly embracing each other after winning challenges. Lucky Brendan! That’s all I have to say.

I see nothing wrong if these two end up in a romantic relationship after this season.  He’s single and rich. She’s young and charismatic. Wow!

Perhaps, Brendan did the slightest mistake of choosing Sierra as his ally. The reason behind: He probably knew he can’t win with Erinn. Erinn was a power player than Sierra. Sierra was fairly more like of a competitive and social player while Erinn was like the introvert and conniving strategist.

At Jalapao, Taj made a more brilliant plan of pulling JT on her trans-alliance with Timbira. This secret back-up plan might work but it’s still early to tell, it seems that JT was immediately on a chopping board once there’s a merge.

Or the days were up for Joe in the coming weeks. If only he sided with Sydney, JT and Stephen with a secret bond with Erinn on the other side, this plan can be safer by a mile than playing the fake immunity idol.

Let me know what you think

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