Survivor Insights 20: S For Sydney

Belonging to Jalapao since the premiere, Sydney Wheeler was like under- the-radar and attractive blond who couldn’t be in the center stage. This week was entirely different for I saw her vulnerable side and what’s probably the nicest thing in her strategy was using her charms to survive the cut.

This sex-appeal game was already an old testament in SURVIVOR. Good for Sydney and it still works by flirting with the boys and geez, by even wearing the boxers of JT.

This is the reason why I picked Sydney as one of my earlier favorites. Just by reading her profile in CBS, I smell something so sweet in her and wow, it’s true, she successfully rolled her cards on board just like what Parvati Shallow, Jenna Morasca, Heidi Strobel and Amber Brkich did in previous seasons.

In Timbira, Tyson got in touch with his nudity madness once again, wearing only a loincloth with a buff in the private area. Was this his strategy to make his tribe laugh at him and let them forget the conniving side of Tyson? If this is one of his strategies, it looks like he’s in a good or bad shape leading to complete frustration or potentially have the numbers on his side when twist occurs.

I wonder what happen to Erinn. She was in no energy to socialize with the group as Tyson did his nude comedy. Is she feeling bad? Or was she just uncomfortable? Nevermind. Erinn was still a stand-out to me even she’s not with people. There was even a scene that she looks like Parvati!

During the reward challenge which requires stamina to lift weights and conquering mental soreness, I expected Coach might volunteered to stand on the box and carry the load as he’s more in great mass than Tyson is. Yet, what was new with Coach… the skinny Tyson did his part and even without proper amount of food for days, he did awesome carrying 140 pounds in his back before giving out. That’s not it, this challenge was for another great record, two woman were in showdown. Taj in Jalapao and Debb in Timbira.

Standing on that box with 100 pounds, Taj was like Serena Williams. She’s already too exhausted but still giving a solid stand to win the game.

Rolling to immunity challenge, it was a rewind of season’s twelve: Panama Exile Island. Again, Jalapao and Timbira were neck-in-neck, squeezing their brains to solve the mystery message in rolling blocks.

Jalapao couldn’t outplay Timbira this time and decided to send their tribe’s mother, SandyBurgin, home. Watch this never before seen video as how Sandy acted like a mom to injured Spencer.

2 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 20: S For Sydney

  1. I’d like to ask you Dean, what is the better strategy for the tribe: to get rid of Sandy or Sydney? By voting out Sandy, did it do their tribe any good?

    personally, as a fan. I was glad that Sydney stayed because Sandy’s too upfront to play the game of survivor. she tells it as it is, which is probably why she got voted off early. survivor is better suited for players who know how to scheme and say things when they need to be said. notice how abrasive and strong personality players leave the game first? it might work in real life, but in survivor it means you’re on the chopping block.

    as for coach, i’m tired of talking about him in my blog. so, you can trash talk him all you want here since i know you’re such a fan of Erinn. (giggles)


  2. Yep, Erinn all to the jury but I read in several sites that she could be voted out before the jury and coach will stay a little longer, huhuhu.

    About your question, voting Sydney or Sandy out can’t probably make huge downfall for Jalapao and I am glad they chose Sydney to stay. Sydney is an eye-candy that everyone will miss and she’s more in good shape than Sandy in future challenges. Sandy is a great mother, she’s really a mother to Jalapao but it’s just time for the mother to go and leave her sons and daughters to live on their own.


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