Survivor Insights 19: What Gone Wrong With Timbira?

What was once perceived as an “undefeatable” tribe during the premiere is now a crack. Watching Jalapao outplayed Timbira in back-to-back challenges made me realize there’s like an iceberg in Timbira camp that separates them with each other— and one probable reason for this crack is Ben “The Coach” Wade.

Instead of contributing something for his tribe, Coach was like the god of destroyer who’s just too busy campaigning for his own good. In episode two, he was intimidated with Candace and wanted her out and now, he was gunning for Erinn. Geez, seeing him imitating what he perceived as the Devil’s Erinn’s smile was foolishly funny.

Remember the “forming a staircase” immunity challenge,” where was he?

If Coach believed he should be the leader of his tribe, why not he helped Brendan in pushing the last crate to the top? Somehow, somewhere— it might be too late for blaming. Coach’s strategy was like a cockroach and nothing could be done. He just talked like what expected from a coach but no productive results to support the talk. If anyone has the right to lead Timbira, that should be Brendan or Tyson. Let’s watch the following videos to know what Erinn, Brendan and Sierra think of Coach.

For Jalapao, it might be a good call for them to win another immunity. Their teamwork had been great. If Jalapao did lose, Taj was now a threat and might be going home instead of Sandy. Taj was slowly unveiling the dark horse version of her and if she successfully convinces Stephen to join her secret bond with Brendan and Sierra, that might be a big leap for them in the final four.

It’s somehow clear to me why Brendan chose Sierra over Erinn from the start. He regularly labeled himself as the entrepreneur and he could comfortably use his marketing skills with Sierra over the other. Truth is, Erinn was playing with a big strategy on board, Sierra is more like of a going only into the flow. But if I were Brendan, considering he already got the hidden immunity necklace, I assure that these two girls were on my side. If I still need another member, that could be Tyson.

Trusting Taj and Stephen when merge comes is in question. Jalapao was in their best form with JT as their leader. Stephen was in sync with JT and Taj may find it hard to break this bond. And Taj must not forget Sydney, she will play the sex-goddess next week (oh yeah!).

It may not be the the time for him to go and thank God, it was not Erinn who went home. Jerry Sims, the US Army blew his chances to fight back and completely submitted to another blindside.

3 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 19: What Gone Wrong With Timbira?

  1. You know what, Coach can be funny while he’s not aware of it. hehe I couldn’t care less what happens with the rest, long as Brendan has security with the idol. By the way, looks like next week’s challenge takes us back to Pearl Islands and it requires total brawn. 🙂 Let’s see who’s tough enough to beat the other tribe.


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