Survivor Insights 17: The Bus Driver is Pissed!

One hour was a too short premiere for Survivor Tocantins and didn’t cover more interesting slices of events in both tribes. I expected a more incredible opening theme but my apologies, Garbon’s Intro (watch SURVIVOR Season 1-16 Intro) was better. That’s ok, the new set of castaways are noticeably splashing some dives.

Jalapao in red and Timbira in black, these are the names of the tribe and the first moment I saw them in the truck, I knew each one of them had something interesting to say with each other. And whoa! I was in bliss when the editing chose Erinn Lobdell, the 26-year-old hairstylist from Wisconsin, to first speak up in front of the confessional airtime and was perceiving Tyson Apostol, the 29-year-old professional cyclist from Utah, as probably the most strategic player in her tribe.

But hell to Tyson, his eye was on Erinn and says she was a bitch. Does this spell danger for Erinn Lobdell? Hope it’s not and another bite of confusion, I didn’t get the logic behind why Brendan Synnott, the 30-year-old entrepreneur, voted for Erinn instead of Sierra. Did he know that the real purpose of the twist and didn’t want Erinn to hike? Or he will probably join forces with Tyson to oust Erinn?

Geez, this season will not be incomplete without Erinn. There’s Sydney Wheeler, another eyecandy from Jalapao but Erinn was kind of different and even David Bloomberg of RealityNewsOnline had some nice and juicy first impressions on Erinn,

“She says she gets a lot of comparisons to Parvati. But she doesn’t think Parvati’s “genius” plan of letting everybody else do the dirty work for her will work again. She says if the others want to think she’s a “little princessy” at the beginning, she’s okay with that. She doesn’t want to give away too much, too fast. I’m thinking if the others think that and she doesn’t counter it, she might not have long to show them who she really is!”

In Jalapao Tribe, Sandy Burgin was immediately perceived as the weakness and picked her as the castoff but all went well for this 53-year-old bus driver and a grandmother, she was not eliminated in the game as what everybody expected. But beware, she’s still pissed and willing to play hard just to find the hidden immunity necklace buried within the perimeter to avoid the chopping block.

But it was a different story for Jalapao Tribe during the immunity challenge. Taj and Sandy finished to build the ladder planks first but on Timbira, the sexy gals (Erinn and Sierra) fought back and tried to equal the pace. Thanks to Sierra’s competitive spirits:)

Up aboard, Jalapao and Timbira were neck-in-neck to solve the fishing-net-like table maze. Spencer, the youngest castaway in history at 19, and Sydney were struggling but Erinn and Brendan were in smooth sailing and got their tribe flag up and wins!

Yes, that’s a rock-solid competition!

Back at their camp, it was a 50/50 toss between Sandy and Carolina, the 26-year-old bartender. Carolina’s boisterous personality annoyed her tribemates and for this, she bid goodbye from the game.

Read her RNO interview

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