Understanding What He/She Means

This article is the Part 2 of my article entitled “The Verifiable Truth Behind Love.”

Many people believe communication is the secret ingredient in a successful relationship. That’s true, the line of communication should be open with each other. In all situations, one can act as a talker and the other one will be the listener. As what Deborah Tannen wrote in her article in Reader’s Digest (1991), “Understanding the different languages men and women speak can keep sparks from flying.”

However, how will you understand your partner if you can’t understand what she or he means? This is where the power of linguistics sets in. Truth is, some men and some women differ in the way they talk. Men, generally, got the keys while women have the ignition to fire up the discussion.

Beyond that, here are some proven facts you should know:

MEN preserve his STATUS when they speak.


MEN establish INDEPENDENCE when talking.


MEN want to give ADVICE.

WOMEN want to be UNDERSTOOD as they talk.

MEN prefer INFORMATION while expressing their thoughts.

WOMEN tend to verbalize their FEELINGS.



MEN like to COMPROMISE to solve a conflict.

WOMEN know how to use CONFLICT when solving a problem.

Sometimes, these conversational patterns of men and women can only result to misunderstandings and the only solution to this difference might be LEARNING. As your relationship moves forward, learn how to read each other’s strengths and weaknesses and without a doubt, this will be a “giant step to genuine understanding.”

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