Stress is a part of life. As long as we alive and breathing, stress will constantly be our greatest nemesis. Truth is, life is not that amazing without those stressful moments in our lives. Other people would say that stress is like an icing on the cake, however, sad to say, the icing does not taste good, right?

There are plenty of ways to combat stress. I’m sure that you have read some inspiring books that explain the therapeutic details of fighting stress. But do you realize that giving “how-to” advises can also be stressful? Anyone could give advise to make you feel good. Anyone could care for you but no one can give an accurate suggestion on how to combat stress. The only person who can assuage your stress impulses is you. You are the pilot of your plane; the creator of your fate, therefore, you must know how to control your stressful complicated life.

If you have read the sixth book of Harry Potter, you somehow recognize the three magical keywords there. The three magical keywords are destination, determination and deliberation. Maybe, you are now asking yourself what’s the significance of these three keywords to stress.


Life is unpredictable. We don’t know what will happen to us ten years from now. Thinking about our future is also a stressful reality we have to face. We sometimes question our existence. Why I’m alive? You can the next richest man in the world with millions of bucks in your bank account but do you know where you’re heading?

Defining our destination could be the most stressful veracity of our lives. A single plan is really not enough to build the blocks our future. There are always risks behind our backs no matter what. Truth is, planning is like a computer database. We need to search, delete, update our goals everyday. There’s no ideal plan, no easy goals either but there’s always a way of utilizing our goals to know which destination we are heading to.


The power of positive thinking will be our armor in defeating stress. We become invincible only if we learned how to face our greatest fears. If we believe that we can fly, we can! I know it sounds trite but determination is the key to reach the paramount of our success.

Never believe in criticisms. Listen to them but never put it in your subconscious. Most criticisms are only made to stress us and these are created by insecure people who can’t build a more meaningful life.

Some criticisms are made to reinforce our negative outlook in life, however, most of them are only made to put us down. That’s why; we need to choose which one is good for us. The one which will help us grow. Life is ’bout choices anyway. The choices we generate each day are the common denominators that determines the prosperity of our success. And success is the only best revenge we can have to those people who belittle us!


The final step to combat our stress. Once we realize our destination in life, we generate concrete actions to reach our goals. These actions requires time. Take time. Think about it. Don’t chase waterfalls just to reach your goals. Take time in fulfilling it. Never give up. Just give it a nice try!

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